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June 15, 2011

State of " Online Video Ads": Why It Works"

POV: Point of Video
 Presentations from Tod Sacerdoti

Source: The Nielsen Company

Why watch TV commercials on TV when you can watch it anywhere you go – whether it is on your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Technology will make sure that Brands and Companies who are chasing online users like us will make sure they track us and feed us with what they call " Relevant Content" and what we call as "Avoidable  Interruption".
Video Advertising being a dynamic medium, is prone to more effective engagement with   users, But does that also mean more engagement  with the advertising too"? Do users watch  in Online Video the same way they watch  Content ..  Difficult question to answer. But the fact is Video Ads like it or not is here to stay.

Online-video ad spend is foretasted to reach $1.9 billion and will take 4.7% of total Internet ad spending - and 2.6% of TV ad spending - in 2011.

eMarketer projects that some 164.7 million people are expected to watch online video ads in 2011.  Reports Suggest that 183 million people in the US will watch online videos in 2013, just 4.9% more than in the prior year.

Who's watching the online video ads? -- everybody. At the current U.S. population of 310, 597, 071, online ad video viewers represent 53% of the total population.

Most videos consumed online today are clips rather full-length TV episodes or movies: The most popular online video content, watched by more than 40% of the US online video ads

source :Statdex