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September 24, 2011

BlackBerry Now Worth$3.3 Million, 25% Brand Value Erodes

According to the study from Brand Finance,  the BlackBerry brand value has decreased  by almost 25% since January of this year. The London-based Brand Finance calculates a brand value by forecasting the royalties that would accrue to a brand holding if that company licensed the brand to an operating company. In January, Brand Finance figured BlackBerry was worth $4.36 billion.Since then, it has dropped to $3.3 billion (see chart above).

September 21, 2011

Canada Social Media Consumption:Facebook,Twitter Loses Marketshare

What Is Driving Digital Adoption in Canada

Of the more than 24.5 million mobile subscribers in Canada, over one third own a smartphone, and that figure jumps to 47% for users between the ages of 18-44 (sources: eMarketer, 2010 and CWTA, 2011).  Mobile is the main driver behind the Rise of Canada as one of the Digital Economy

According to Cisco's Visual Networking Index, Canadian mobile web usage will break records in 2012 by hitting almost 18.4 Petabytes (tripling levels from 2010), and is estimated to accelerate to 71.5 Petabytes by 2015.

"Canadians are using their smartphones more than ever to discover and engage with brands of all sizes," says Kevin Zicherman, President and CEO of brick&mobile, a Toronto-based mobile marketing agency that produces platform agnostic mobile web apps.

"Mobile web searches are more purpose driven, and consumers now have the expectation of connecting with brands on-the-go." Smartphone users, he asserts, are "frustrated with their current mobile experience, as many local business websites are built using Flash and are not compatible with the iPhone."
While many national companies have already gone mobile, many local businesses have not. Over three quarters of mobile searches have local intent, yet only 18% of mobile websites are optimized for mobile devices (Google, 2011).

source : Techvibes 

June 18, 2011

Canada Tops Facebook Usage Across The World

Inspired by a meeting with Alfredo Tan, Facebook's director for Canada, firm 6S Marketing crafted an infographic showing off the "mind blowing" statistics of Canadian Facebook  users.In Canada, there are 15,000,000 active users (logging in once per month or more) and 9,000,000 who log in every day—this, with only 34,000,000 people in the entire country.

These Canadians spend an average of over 400 minutes, or 7 hours, per month on Facebook, and have the highest average number of friends on Earth with 190 (the global average is below 130).

Even during the recent royal wedding, the U.K. saw less than 7 million people log in per day, less than Canada's average even without a major event occurring. And based on percentages of the population, Canada crushed U.S. with a penetration near 50 percent, while America is below 40 percent.

Breaking down the numbers by province, Ontario has 6.4 million active users, with Quebec in third with 3.1 million and B.C. in third with 2.1 million. The Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut combined count for just over 55,000. Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia combine for roughly the same as Alberta—1.7 million.

Source : Techvibes