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February 26, 2016

end of good times for swiss watches, as apple smartwatch is on a roll

In what could be a watershed in the history of wrist watch.. Smartwatches sales have surpasses traditional swiss watches with a sales of 8.1 million in Q4, 2015.. In contrast 7.9 milliom swiss watches were sold during the same period.As compared to Q4,2014, smartwatches have seen unprecedented e growth of 316% , wheras Swiss watches managed to ship a mere 1.9million.

In terms of marketshare ,Apple smartwatch rules this segment with over 63% marketshare and is far ahead of samsung with 16% share .Combined, Apple and Samsung make up 8 out of 10 smartwatches sold . Apple sold 2.6millio smartwatches in q2,2015 while samsung managed to sell 600,000 which means apple sales is 6 times ahead of its nearest rival.Across wearable technology, which icludes smartwatches, fitness trackers , Apple’s 3.6m Watch sales contributes only 0.8m and ranks 2nd behind market leader Fitbit, which sold 4.4m devices in Q2.2015

" global smartwatches  marketshare"

" top 10 nations where swiss watches are exported"

Biggest market for swiss watches

In terms of geographic breakup, Apple watches smartwatches sold the highest in North America with 7.4million units , while Asia Pacific contributed 6.7 million units, followed by western europe with 5.4million units.

contribution of swiss watches by regions and countries

swiss watches contribution by regions

Meanwhile About 1.2 billion watches are produced annually, according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry’s estimates ..At company level, three Swiss watch and luxury groups – Swatch Group, Richemont, and Rolex – are the clear world market leaders. Together the three groups account for an estimated 45% ofglobal swiss  watch sales.
 Rolex leads the market with a share of 13.59% followed nby Omega and IWC, with a marketshare of  9.82 and  7.23%. Rado and Breitling  with 5.6 and 8.08%

February 9, 2016

superbowl advertising timeline down the years

Taking a look at some of the numbers in Superbowl. The numbers are truly mind-boggling. Average american viewer will spend $82.19 on superbowl.
In 2016 ,the cost of 30 second commercial was $5 million, the highest ever. 189 million viewers watched  the Superbowl in 2016
50 million cases of beer are sold  during the super bowl week. 23% viewers were  more interested in watching the commercials  rather than the game. While 45% the game was of primary importance

global TV growth plunges to its lowest ever, as digital spends up by 14%

"ear on Year Global Growth  in percentage  between Traditional media "

Year on Year Global Growth  in percentage  between Traditional media  :The 2nd chart shows global percentage of TV spends  vs digital Spends : 2012-2016

"share of ad spends by offline media and online media"

Global Advertising Spends by Percentage across  entire media ecosystem. 

February 2, 2016

top 25 corporations with highest number of government contracts

The chart shows the manufacturing business and the number of contracts which they have won from the US Government.While General Electric’s 30,633 contracts stand apart from the pack and cost the government a combined $37.9 billion over 15 years.
The number 2 was General Dynamic Corporation with 22,550 contracts,
Bae Systems  ranks no 3 with 19016 contracts
Hewlett Packard is the only consumer IT company which figures in this top 25 list  and rank 14th position with 4268 contracts
As compared to  No 1  General Electric , Boeing's  9,948 govt contracts have cost US Govt more than seven times as much ($267 billion).

January 29, 2016

sports market size in north america to exceed $70 billion by 2018

How much is the north american sports market worth. This chart takes behind the scenes on media rights, sponsorship details and break up of sports revenue 

"sports market size in north america is set t exceed $70 billion by 2018"
North American Sports market in 2015 was worth $63 billion and is expected to exceed $70 billion by 2018, while 2016 sports market will be a $65 billion giant monster. Out of this  gate revenues and media rights account for around 60% of the total revenues followed by sponsorships and merchandising , 

January 18, 2016

healthcare, technology and real estate sectors saw the bigger merger deals in 2015

"top 3 sectors which saw the biggest mergers and deals last year"

The three sectors which saw the biggest deal making including mergers in the year 2015

January 16, 2016

connected devices mapped across the world

"gadgets across the world mapped by locations"
chart A 
The first chart shows the number of  connected devices mapped across the world .The bright orange color represents the highest number of connected devices, while the lighter colors signify lesser number of connected devices. Connected devices can be either a mobile, smartphone, tablet, laptop, handheld,music player or any device which can be connected to the world wide web

"connected devices mapped across the world"
Chart B
The above chart shows global the number of shipped global connected devices from  2010 onwards and  the number been projected -2016.Red color stand for the number of smartphones,yellow stands for laptops and blue represents tablets

December 16, 2015

why retail is an indicator of economic prosperity: retail jobs vs other industry

The UNITED STATES   have 3,793,621 retail establishments across the entire country.The below data from NRF showed on the form of a chart, shows where retail stands as compared to other industry in job creation in US

" retail power and how it affect jobs"
 retail industry and job creation in US"


"why retail is an indicator of economic prosperity:  retail jobs vs other industry"

Retail supports 1 in 4 American jobs

It’s not just about the jobs directly in retail. The industry supports nearly 5 million logistics jobs; 4 million management and administration jobs,. 2 million health care and service jobs; 2 million finance, insurance and real estate jobs; and 800,000 technology jobs.According to NRF economic prosperity and retail have a linear relationship 

December 14, 2015

comparing click to open email by devices :mobile vs desktop vs PC

"email click to open rates by mobile vs desktop"
While mobile click-to-open (CTO) rates dipped slightly  in Q3 (to 13.7%), they remained up from the year-earlier period (12.1%) and continue to close the gap with desktop CTO rates, per Yesmail’s latest quarterly report.  mobile email  revenues also grew 2015 by 9.9% year-over-year, with smartphones accounting for 56.6% of mobile revenue, up from 41.6% a year earlier

Apple devices continue to dominate revenues derived from mobile email, accounting for 77% share this past quarter. The iPhone comprised 34% share of orders (up from 23% during Q3 2014), taking share from the iPad, which accounted for 43% of orders (down from 58% during the year-earlier period).

December 7, 2015

in UK,digital video and e-publishing to contribute the highest revenues across digital markets

 The chart shows which digital media is showing the biggest growth  in united kingdom   between 2015-2018

online publishing and digital music consumption in UK "
In the UK market, digital  video and digital music has been growing  the fastest among all digital media with, digital video is growing at 41% followed by digital music with 31%
In 2016, while digital video will continue to grow by double figures, e- publishing will be second highest media media , with 24% growth. 
By 2017, e publishing will see the number one  digital category to drive the highest revenue , followed by digital video


December 5, 2015

salaries of sales professionals by industry

"salaries of sales professionals by industry"

December 4, 2015

number of years people stay in a single company by country

GREECE ,PORTUGAL AND BELGIUM  are among the most loyal employees across the world. Apparently  employees  in Portugal, Greece and Belgium  spends an average of 12.5 years working in an organisations . In Greece the average length  for an employee to stick to their jobs are the highest with 13 years. Next comes Portugal , where the average time people spend with  a company is 12.5 years. In Belgium is not uncommon  to  continue working in the same company for 12 years..
 three countries. Employees across Italy France and Poland average tenure at a single company is 11 years

"number of years people  stay in a single company  by country"
How long  does one stay with the same company on an average ?The chart shows  by country the average time people spend at a single job by country. What is the average amount of time spent at a job . United States are among the least to stay on  at a same company for more than 4 years. British  employees on average spend 8.5 years in the same organisation

December 1, 2015

loreal,gillete and dove among the world's top 3 most valuable beauty brand

LOREAL, GILLETE AND DOVE are among the worlds best beauty Brands by brand value .With a combined brand value of over  $36billion, LoReal  Gillete and Dove are  rated AAA+ ( the highest brand rating )
LOREAL is the number 1 most valuable brand  with a brand value of $12480million in 2015. No 2 was Gillette with a brand value of $8988million. ( $89billion). Dove ranked 3rd with a brand valuation of $5821 million( 58.2 billion USD).

Meanwhile Pantele, Nivea and Chanel is ranked 4th to 6th among the top 10 most valuable beauty brand
"loreal,gillete and dove among the world's top 3 most valuable beauty brand"

November 30, 2015

UK's Top 10 brands with highest brandindex score

BrandIndex Score : BrandIndex is the authoritative measure of brand perception. Unlike any other brand intelligence services, BrandIndex continuously measures public perception of thousands of brands across dozens of sectors.
YouGov's BrandIndex is a daily measure of brand perception among the public, tracking many brands across multiple sectors simultaneously. The BrandIndex score is   is based on 6 metrics that take into account

  • Brand Buzz 
  • Attention 
  • Sentiment
  • WOW ( word of mouth)
  • Value 
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Reputation
  • Recommendation 
  • Brand Awareness 
  • Purchase intent

UK Top 10 Brands with highest brandindex score include Aldi, LidL, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Dyson in the first 5 positions  : 2015 top 10 Brands :

UK Brand Rankings 2015 : top 10 Brandindex Score

121 million to shop online this year on cyber monday,4% fewer than last year

A study which was released today by the NRF (National Retail Federation )and Prosper Insights & Analytics,  shows that   121.3 million consumers will shop online tomorrow, on Cyber Monday 2015.This number is  down 4.4% from 126.9 million last year. That 121.3 million number represents 49.5% of all consumers

" cybermonday  online shopping  trends"
The 2015's Holiday season started off  briskly  with Black Friday seeing   $2.72 billion in e-commerce sales, up 14% from 2014. Meanwhile online shopping on Thanksgiving Day 2015 too  saw a higher jump in online spending, with $1.73 billion in sales, up 25% from the  2014 .Black Friday and Thanksgiving online sales saw consumers spending   $4.47 billion

However in store sales—excluding e-commerce—fell about 10% on Thursday and Friday to $12.1 billion, according to ShopperTrak, which monitors traffic to stores and malls.

US states with highest motorbikes: california, florida, texas among top 3

" California and Florida has highest number of motorcycles "
Which US states boasts of having the highest number of motor cycles on its highways ? Based on the number of registrations,California has the highest number of motorbikes in United States, followed by Florida and Texas.This  chart above from statista c represents the leading U.S. states based on motorcycle registrations in 2014. With some 799,900 motorcycle registrations, California was ranked first that year. The total number of motorcycle registrations exceeded 8.4 million units in 2013.

However in terms  of per capita motorcycle ownership.South Dakota ranked the best. There are a total of 69,284 motorcycles registered in the state, according to the Department of Transportation, and with a total population of 816,598,
South Dakota comes in first with 12 people for every motorcycle beating the national

November 13, 2015

10 biggest markets for netflix with the highest monthly revenue

"nations providing the the biggest average monthly revenue to netflix

These are the top 10 nations having the highest Netflix average monthly revenue per users, across all the countries where the video streaming company is present Netflix top 3 markets with biggest monthly average revenue includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden

November 12, 2015

June 7, 2015

display vs search spends across desktops and mobile:

The above chart shows " display ads vs search ad spends across desktops and mobiles from 2011 to 2015.

 In 2011  desktop  formed  95% of search spends compared to less than 2% on mobile spends , While display ads formed   96%  ads on desktop compared to 5% across mobile spends In 2014 , 7% search ads were across mobile compared to 14% on desktops

 2015 is likely to see 8%  display and search ads  targeted across mobile phones  while  15%  targeted across desktop