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July 10, 2015

Facebook video postings outperforming photo sharing in terms of engagement

Facebook Campaigns by Video Post: Engagement with video posts are up by 25% this yearQ3

" content sharing at Facbook moves to video marketing"
img source: CMO

Marketers are looking to drive more people to their sites as posts with links have increased substantially along with online video links  at Facebook.With Facebook being a source of  more than one third most referral traffic , regular  relevant posting can bring you  targeted and quality traffic 

Video forms quite a substantial form of content  engagement strategy at  Facebook, as the medium provides both dynamism and real time information which users can validate in real time  .Engagement with video posts is up 25% year-over-year and 58% quarter-over-quarter on Facebook 

 In fact text posts have declined quickly in share and engagement. • Posts with video  links are up 77% year-over-year   and 167 every quartner . According to research , Friday is the best day for posting video content on #Facebook.

July 9, 2015

UK users are worlds highest spenders on online retail : 5 products they shop online

britain  and denmark lead in online shopping and what they shop for"

Users Britain and Denmark rank among the top 2 nations with highest frequency of online shopping a
75% of UK users shop online and over 52% used online banking in 2014.A whopping 53% UK adults bank online, compared to a mere 30% in 2007.The number of UK users with internet access doubled to 38million in 2014

 What does UK Shop for and  who buys
  1. every 6 of 10 British adults use the internet to buy products such as food, clothing, music or holidays, clothes and sports are most online purchases in UK
  2.  This is twice the average of the OECD’s 34 member states, which include the US, Germany, Australia and France. 
  3. Most bought items in UK apart from clothes  and holidays are consumer electronics ,gaming items  and  household appliances
  4. Seniors shopping online has seen a big jump recently with 40% of them buying online in 2014 
  5. Usage of laptops and tablets has also seen a growth  uptake, in UK from 32 % adults using one in 2013 to 43% according to the ONS

August 3, 2014

Mobile devices to form 19% US Retail Sales,iOS users

Mobile to make up for 19% retail shopping  purchases

Emarketer predicts that 19% US Retail purchases is said  to be made via a mobile device  and by 2018 this number will grow ro $20bk
Mobile retail to excee $100 billion in sales

In 2016 25% of purchase will be made by Moile devices and in about one year mobile sales would skyrocket to about $1billoim[[
kind of goods to be mostly purchased during mobile commerce

The mobile part though plays very  small role in the entire ecommerce spaece

This chart is an important  reminder that " inspite  of the mobile hype, Presently Mobile 
economy consists if a minuscule of " the total eCommerce Market.

ISO users and why the spend more on oci

May 25, 2014

Mobile Commerce Infrastructure Comparison : Hong Kong vs China

Hong Kong  vs China Mobile Shopping Index

Mobile Payments Comparison :Hong Kong vs China

While Hong Kong ranks a wee big higher than China... the difference among the nationaare actually miniscule. 

According to the data from Master card mobile readiness index  latestWhile HK has very strong financial and regulatory organizations Consumers are less willing to use mobile payments compared to their global counterparts on both P2P (10% versus 19% average) and m-commerce (11% versus 17% average).

Comparatively Chinese consumers are presently above-average users of mobile payments.The mobile infrastructure currently surpasses the financial services infrastructure POS payments (10%) lag behind m-commerce (19%) in frequency of use.