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June 13, 2011

The State of "Mobile Adoption In Hong Kong:" Top 5 Trends

The technology penetration in Hong Kong has been increasing in terms of mobile phone penetration as well as Internet/broadband penetration.

Number of mobile phone subscribers are forecasted to reach 13.2 million by  2011 with more than 30% of the entire market having 3G capabilities. With increasing features such as Mobile TV being streamed thought 2.5G and 3G networks, as well as Mobile Banking being made more readily available through collaborations with DBS Bank, 3G penetration is expected to increase in the future

Hong Kong Telecommunications Statistics
Telecommunications Services Quantity
Mobile network operators (May 2011) 5
Local fixed network operators (May 2011)  17
Operators for distribution of domestic free TV programme service (May 2011) 2
External fixed telecommunications services providers (May 2011) 
- Facility-based external fixed network operators (May 2011) (Note 3)
- Services-based external telecommunications services providers (May 2011) 
Household fixed line penetration rate (March 2011) (Note 5) 102.99%
Mobile subscriber penetration rate (March 2011) 194.3%
Mobile subscribers (March 2011) 13,793,729
2.5G and 3G mobile subscribers (March 2011) 6,880,512
Internet Services Quantity
Internet service providers (May 2011) (Note 6) 189
Registered customer accounts with dial-up access (estimated)
(March 2011)
Registered customer accounts with broadband access (estimated)
(March 2011)
Household broadband penetration rate (March 2011) 84.1%
Public Wi-Fi access points (May 2011) 9,077

Source: Office of the Telecommunications Authority Hong Kong - Key Telecommunications Statistics

In July 2010, the number of mobile service subscribers was boosted to 13.02 million, representing one of the highest penetration rates in the world at about 184 per cent. Among these 13.02 million subscribers, 4.64 million were 3G/3.5G service customers.All four 3G operators have deployed 3.5G services utilizing High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) technology.
Some 3G operators have implemented the new Evolved High Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) technology in Hong Kong. Subscribers are able to enjoy mobile data services at a speed up to 28.8 Mbps.