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April 16, 2011

AOL and Facebook heaviest Users In UK are 55 and above

According to ComScore Research, British Internet users over the age of 55 spent an average of 25 hours a month online, compared to an average of 31 hours spent by visitors across all age segments. The ‘silver surfers’ spent most time on AOL sites during March 2011, with an average of nearly 4.8 hours per user per month. Second ranked social networking site Facebook with 3.3 hours and Yahoo with 2.9 hours per visitor in March 2011. Interestingly the over 55 year olds spent more time than the average UK internet user on eBay (121 minutes per user), and property site Rightmove (103 minutes per visitor), but less time than average on Microsoft, Google and NHS sites

March 28, 2011

Coupon sites in Europe Grow by 162%

The total number of people using coupon sites in Europe in a month grew 162 percent to 34.9 million visitors in December 2010 when compared to the prior year. The sizeable growth can largely be attributed to the emergence of Groupon, which was not a significant player in Europe in 2009. Groupon, buoyed by its acquisition of its leading competitor in Europe, was able to establish a presence in more than one hundred European cities in the past year and now reaches more than 12 million visitors a month, approximately one-third of the total coupon market.

How South East Asia Searches : Top 3 Insights

Comscore  research show that Users in Philippines seem to search more in terms of average search per use.  Singapore users too seem to search more  across search engine . This might be  due to either two reasons . 1) Not getting the right search results .. 2) Digging deep search to hunt  for more options. Vietnam users seem to show the lowest Inclination to search with the lowerst average search per user