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April 5, 2011

Work From Home and Job Satisfaction

According to a survery  conducted by Skype,working from home is becoming more common, more accepted by managers, and more sought-after by employees than ever before.The proliferation of online collaboration tools is one indicator that “WFH” (that’s short for “working from home,” my dad tells me) culture is blossoming. In fact, Skype and tools like it have pretty much made the necessity of a 9-to-5 physical presence behind a cubicle-bound desk obsolete.

The survey published at Mashable , reports that Around 62% of the companies surveyed already have remote workers. Of these companies, 34% of their workforce occasionally works remotely, and of that 34%, WFH-enabled employees say they spend around 40% of their work hours at home.

The huge acceptance and the embrace of ' work from home"  has made employes sit up and take notice to the fact that how much WFH has an effect of job satisfaction.

"Employees at WFH-friendly companies listed this area of flexibility high in their criteria for job satisfaction. But employers seemed to be fans of the WFH lifestyle, too. Of the respondents who were decision-makers and managers, 75% said working from home was becoming more acceptable, and 56% said workers-from-home were more productive.
And video capabilities are a large part of those tools. Video conferencing and desktop video are two communication technologies Skype expects to see increase in usage most over a two-year period, followed by VoIP, room-based video, mobile phones and IM.