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July 26, 2010

Google's Data Centers: All You Wanted to Know

For Those who have seen different websites popping up across different computers,when you use the same search term, and if you have got increasingly bewildered by this happening. It .is finally the time to lay your be-wilderness to rest. This happens because Google has many data centers where the entire web which its Bots searched are stored. So Imagine billion of tons of data stored by Google do not get updates at the same time. The time taken for a new search ranking yo get update might be not the same as the data travels to one data center to another. As the Crawler “crawl” the Internet, storing a copy of every web page encountered. Aftwer that Google's Algorithm  , indexes each page based on the information it contains.

When you do a Google search, it looks up your search terms in our index and then list the web pages that best match your search. This entire process takes place in their data centers.

Google is not  very open about their Data Centers, as  believes its data center provide them a competitive advantage,which is not easy for other competitors to duplicate and scale in a short time . To help maintain secrecy, Google typically seeks permits for its data center projects using Limited Liability Corporations (LLCs) that don’t mention Google, such as Lapis LLC (North Carolina) or Tetra LLC (Iowa Data center in action

All the indexing and processing that goes into answering the millions of searches  at Google is done on computers in the  data centers, for which Google needs a large number of raw computing power along with lots of computers to do it, and lots of data centers to house those computers.  They monitor, diagnose, fix, and replace all of the data center’s machines and systems as needed, so Google can provide fast and reliable services around the clock to our millions of users.

Acoording to Techcrunch,Royal Pingdom has Mapped together this map of all known Google data centers, including spaces it leases and that are under construction. The maps are based on this list compiled by Data Center Knowledge. There are 36 data centers in all—19 in the U.S., 12 in Europe, 3 in Asia, and one each in Russia and South America. Future data center sites may include Taiwan, Malaysia, Lithuania, and Blythewood, South Carolina, where Google has reportedly bought 466 acres of land. If you have added new pages at our site, or youb happen to see different SERPS across different Computers, and want to know if they have been indexed, checking google data centers will tell you if you are on the verge of changed ranking To check your position on a particular data center server, click on the server link below, and search normally. Recent Google updates often appear on random centers, sometimes days before they appear in a "generic" Google search.

Many in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) community track progress in Google’s search results by checking some of the more than 500 IP addresses used by the Google search engine. Comparing Google search results from these different IP addresses can identify updates in Google’s index, especially changes in PageRank.