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July 21, 2007

iGoogle Storing all our digitial Footprints

For those of you who have a wide range of interest and used to spent a lot of time , surfing and browsing from one page to another,RSS Readers and Feed syndications were a great way to do actually read and check out the latest trends and spend less time on actually searching for it . Well now we have the next level of what I would term as digital Imprints Syndicated networks.

For the uninitiated, I am talking about a service from Google recently started called iGoogle. This is a kind of start page where you can integrate all your interests, the kind of websites you would like to visit, your emails, your friends birthday in orkut, You can add several communication tools belong to third parties,world times,mini program gadgets,latest feeds from the blogs you have subscribed to,checking your emails,simultaneously subscribing to all your favorite news channels online .You can check out the latest celebrity Birthdays, Eisenstein's quotes,Local and international news from any website.Its a kind of service which brings to you personalized information which you actually like since you have subscribed to it , all of which is integrated in Google's platform. In other words, its a kind of customised portal where all information and features are highly targeted since you your self have actually opted in for these kinds of digital imprints being served in Google's Platform, On what is known as iGoogle

On iGoogle we would all aggregate our lives, and instead of hunting for information , we will tend all kinds of diverse data to make our lives easy on Google's Platform.It will piece together our lives, our online lives would leave their digital imprints at iGoogle. Every move we make every site we surf , all kinds of blogs and websites we visit will be noted and made ready for Google's Consumption . So Google is actually trying to understand our online digital footprints and ultimately amass so much information about each one of us that it would be able to determine logically what kinds of food we like, what kind of quality our spouse should have and even the kind of job we are looking for.Imagine the affect it would have in our lives if marketers know exactly what kind of furniture we would like at our bedroom, what kind of desserts we would like to have . No matter how far fetched these ideas may sound , let me explain they are very realistic and the implications will be enormously far reaching

The real question is of course does google want what we want too?Do we really want google to analyze our digital imprints to such a degree?Its true that no one can force us to use iGoogle. But somehow I feel that we are increasingly moving towards a situation where Google would control every aspect of our lives on the internet ,which is exactly the opposite of the true democratic nature of the internet. Google deserve full marks for what they have achieved in a short span of time .But its essential for someone to challenge Google just to make this market more competitive and no totalitarian