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April 2, 2011

EU and US: Smartphone Penetration Chart

Smartphone Penetration in EU5  vs United States Continues to Increase: US market growth is marginally higher (0 .7% Higher )
Smartphones continue to become an increasingly important segment of the European mobile phone landscape in 2010. Smartphone penetration in the EU5 (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy) increased by 9.5 percentage points to 31.1 percent, placing it higher than the US (which saw smartphone penetration increase 10.2 percentage points to 27.0 percent).

March 29, 2011

EU Social Networking Demographic Profiles

The profile of social networking users in Europe also reveals an audience that generally skews younger, with 15-24 year olds representing 25.3 percent of users, followed closely by 25-34 year olds at 24.3 percent. While the breakdown of European visitors to Facebook and Twitter mirrors that of social networking site users in general, LinkedIn has an older age profile. Only 10.4 percent of its visitors are under 25 years old, while half of the site’s audience is between the ages of 35-54. This older age profile is understandable given the site’s orientation toward professional networking.