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December 6, 2013

24% Holiday Shopping for Thanksgiving ,Black Friday, What does this mean for ecomerce brands

Cyber MOnday and Thanksgving reach new heights
Cyber Monday wrapped up with 20.6 % growth in record online retail sales over 2012 and remains the biggest online shopping day of the year. Read the full report to get details on the latest trends from the holiday shopping season.

However the biggest surge came from mobile sales which reached 25.8 percent 
of total online sales for Thanksgiving, and 21.8 percent for Black Friday, as 
consumers went from the dinner table to their tablets to lock in the best offers. In addition, 
IBM reported that New York City consumers led the way in Black Friday online sales 

followed by Atlanta and Los Angeles.  

Delivered by the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark, this year’s holiday report tracked 
millions of transactions and terabytes of data from approximately 800 
U.S. retail websites. By leveraging cloud-based analytics, IBM is uniquely positioned to 
give retailers and marketers unmatched insight into real-time consumer shopping trends.                                                                                      

October 17, 2013

March 31, 2013

Top 10 Online Retail websites by Loading Times

Top 10 retailers by site speed according to the above report are
  1. (1.02 seconds)
  2. (1.9 seconds)
  3. (1.95 seconds)
  4. (2.05 seconds)
  5. (3.03 seconds)
  6. (3.15 seconds)
  7. (3.26 seconds)
  8. (3.74 seconds)
  9. (3.88 seconds)
  10. (3.94 seconds)

November 29, 2012

Apparel ,Books Tops Online Shopping Activity During 2012 Holidays

 Web-only - Apparel tops the shopping list for consumers on Cyber Monday - Internet Retailer: Clothing and accessories topped the list of products bought by consumers on the first Monday after Thanksgiving—the shopping day known at Cyber Monday

The latest  survey data from 31.4% of surveyed consumers bought apparel and related items on Cyber Monday. In second place came books, CDs, DVDs, videos and video games, bought by 27.8% of respondents.

According to the survey, 41.3% of respondents shopped online on Monday. The percentage of consumers purchasing in the specific product categories are as follows:
• Clothing and accessories, 31.4%
• Books, CDs, DVDs, videos and video games, 27.8%
• Consumer electronics or computer-related accessories, 25.2%
The survey found that respondents spent an average of $194.46 with e-retailers on Monday, higher than $172.42 average spent online for the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

September 5, 2011

State of Interstate E Commerce and Affiliate Tax

There is a lot of upset over the new internet sales tax laws that apply directly to online sales, and are already hitting some affiliates hard.
These laws require online merchants to collect state sales tax if they have local affiliates in those states. The states currently affected include California, Hawaii, North Carolina and Rhode Island – but many other states are in the process of following suit…
Merchants have always been responsible for sales & use tax on sales made within their own state whether that be online, offline, or mail order sales. The new laws propose that online merchants should also pay state sales tax in certain states where they have affiliates. The argument being that their affiliates represent a “physical presence” in that state.
A handful of cash-strapped states have weighed laws that would use the presence of affiliate marketers to force e-commerce companies into collecting sales tax. source
The New York State legislature has included a provision in their $122 billion budget. About $50 million of this is meant to come from a tax on some online retailers. source