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January 24, 2012

State of Publishing In The Digital Era: Top 5 Trends

Adoption rates show that the appetite for digital books has been strong, even by the standards of the media industry. Today, e-books account for approximately 5 percent of books sold in advanced markets like the United States. These rates are expected to quadruple, or even quintuple, over just five years, meaning the industry has little time to prepare. True, some countries, such asFrance, will migrate more gradually before reaching about 15 percent of the market by 2015—in part due to the dense network of distributors making paper versions easily available.

Dedicated e-readers and multipurpose tablets are finally becoming commonplace. A prerequisite to the digital publishing era, adoption rates are projected to reach 15 percent to 20 percen of the population in developed countries. The penetration rate could reach higher levels if multipurpose tablets continue on their current trajectory. The United States and Korea are settingthe pace and could see such penetration rates by 2015. Other countries, particularly those inEurope, will lag but eventually catch up

PUBLISHING IN THE DIGITAL ERA/A Bain & Company study for the Forum d’Avignon