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November 24, 2011

Mobile Advertising in Europe Grows by 75.8% in Q3.

Android and iPhone OS combined represent almost half of ad impressions delivered in Europe.

The Android platform delivers 33% of mobile ads in Europe.

Q3 showed continued mobile ad growth in Europe on the InMobi network. With over 15.5 billion mpressions per quarter in Europe.

Android  continues to grow and remains the top mobile platform in the region, with an increase of 7.8 share points in Q3. iPhone OS and Symbian lost share in Q3

Smartphones gained over 4.8 billion impressions in Q3 which forms 72% of all mobile ads in Europe

Nearly 7 of 10  Mobile ads are across  Smartphones in Europe

Samsung passes Nokia and Apple to become the #1 device manufacturer by  Mobile in Europe.

·    Mobile ad growth is entirely driven by smartphones, which grew by 75.8% in Q3.

Europe Handset and Connected Device Detail: Q3 2011

Samsung became the #1 mobile phone manufacturer by share of ad impressions in Q3.

Samsung gained 3.2 share points while Nokia and Apple lost 3.9 and 4.8 points, respectively.

Devices from the top three manufacturers (Samsung, Nokia and Apple) in Europe represent 50% of all mobile ads in the region

Spain was fastest growing mobile ad market in Europe, gaining 3.2 share points of regional ad share.

Source : Inmobi Research,Sept 2011