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October 29, 2015

Apple wows wall street, delivers a stunning 22% growth and 51billion USD in revenue

Apple earnings call :Video charts showing the top 5 takeaways


 Apple Wows wall street

s Apple surpassed al expectations and investors grew richer, as its 2014, q4 expectations was the best in the last 11 quarters notching a record $51.5 billion in revenue,representing 22% year-over-year growth,selling 48million iphones.However amidst spectacular increase in the number of iphones sold ,The iPad remains a question mark for Apple. Shipments declined to 9.9 million last quarter, edown 20% year-over-year These 5 charts summarise Apple's earning season

March 29, 2011

Morgan Stanely Forecast For 2011

In a new note, Morgan Stanley's European team is getting defensive, and telling clients to go underweight industrial stocks and overweight the traditionally defensive telecom sector.

1) History suggests that defensive outperform post peaks in lead indicators and at the start of a new interest rate cycle.

2) Defensive sectors are very unpopular - European investors are now more underweight defensive than financials.

3) Over the last 40 years the only prior occasion when defensives had underperformed as much on a two-year rolling basis was in the 2000 TMT bubble.

4) Post poor performance, defensive valuations look increasingly attractive.

As for getting negative on industrials:

To fund our more positive view on defensive, we are going underweight Industrials as we believe the sector is one of the most vulnerable to an inflection point in the economic growth story and is relatively more exposed to building margin pressures.

This chart shows nicely what industries do best after the ISM peaks (signaling the end of the first stage of the recovery):

source : Businessinsider