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September 25, 2012

The End of Orkut : Why Google will never succeed in Social Media

India now accounts for about 20% of Orkut's users. Over the past three years, Orkut has seen its position as the top social media website in India slip. It is now third-Facebook has over 52 million unique visitors every month, LinkedIn eight million and Orkut about four million. Microblogging site Twitter comes next with slightly lower 3.8 million users, according to internet data research firm Comscore.

Once a media darling Orkut has been steadily  going downfall and following the MySpace way  has  seen the numbers of its daily visitors dwindle nearly 86% over the last year, suggesting that it  the Google powered Social Network is all ready to be bought over or sold to the largest bidder. Either way this once confirms what “ most of us “  already know ..Google ‘s experiments in social media has been more than a disaster. After shutting down more than 10 social products over the last   4 years

If you have  some memories of Orkut  left with you.. which you had  during those times in 2006 and 2007 , its time to bid goodbye to the once popular social network sites
 Orkut was  Google's first foray into social media  and during its early hears ( 2005-2007) brazil and Indian users formed a bulk of its users and it had  its second-largest user base in India after Brazil. But the number of daily visitors from India has fallen from about 14 lakh a year ago to just about two lakh now, according to Google Trends.