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March 5, 2013

Smartphones To Outsell Feature Phones in 2013

During the last 12 months 31 million American phone users abandoned the use of feature phones. During the last 24 months over 60 million switched ( source : Asymco)

Smartphones to outship feature phones for first time in 2013 | Mobile News Online: IDC predicts 918.6 million smartphones will be shipped this year,which is  50% of the global total mobile phone shipments worldwide.Presently  UK  is the third biggest in terms of volumes, with 35.5 million units shipped, while China with 301.2 million units and  32.8% share is expected to be no 1 , followed by the USA, with 137.5 million units with 15% share

Smartphones are expected to outship feature phones for the first time in 2013, the first such occurrence in the mobile phone market on an annual basis.

In their earlier IDC report((August 2012)  it had estimated  China’s share of the global smartphone market was  in 2012 was 26.5 percent.  Around 1.575 billion handsets were sold in 2012,Strategy Analytics (January 2013)    out of which 59% were  reported to be feature phones compared to 31% Smartphones 

This is the first time Smartphones are expected to become mainstream, with feature phones taking a backseat

Based on predicted shipments and market share for this year, the UK will be third with 35.5 smartphones with 3.9%.  market share .China,