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January 12, 2016

10 fastest growing products category start ups with highest return

" verticals with the fastest annualized growth across start ups"

List of start up  services with highest return on investment 

The above chart shows the product categories which has seen the highest  growth and return on investment by VC funds and equity investment .Among the list of start ups,products related to  Bitcoin, Photo Sharing and cloud has seen the highest annualized growth since 2012-2016. Bitcoin has seen its annualized growth jump to 151% compared to 150% across Photo sharing and 145% across cloud storage Space Travel, Transportation and Hospitality are other areas which" are among the fastest growing top 10 services vertical

August 24, 2014

Targeting Mutual Fund Investors

According to the latest market insights on Mutual Fund Investors the kind of people investing on Mutual Funds has become older as more  younger adults enter the stock market via directly buying the shares of the company instead of purchasing through a mutual fund agent