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June 9, 2011

June 8, 2011

US Mobile Advertising: Top 5 Insights for 2011

US Mobile Advertising has more than doubled in the last two years, according to a new report from comScore. In April 2011, 689 advertisers utilised mobile display advertising campaigns, a massive 128 per cent jump from two years previously.

The study, reported on the comScore website, also highlighted that mobile content and publishing accounted for half of all products advertised on mobile devices.

26 per cent of adverts featured discretionary goods, 7 per cent advertised IT products and financial services made up 6 per cent.
Smart phone users were also more likely to respond to mobile advertising than a feature phone user. For instance, 80 per cent of smart phone users accessed a web browser on their phone, as opposed to just 19.1 per cent of feature phone users. Therefore smart phone users were more likely to see and respond to web and SMS ads.

As one can gather from these findings, the increase in mobile ads has risen in tandem with the growth of the smart phone. Usage of phones from Apple, Motorola, HTC and more has increased by 20 per cent in one year, with 31 per cent of mobile users now owning a smart phone.

comScore's vice-president Hans Fredericks commented in on the new opportunities the growing medium offers: "Although mobile advertising is still in its relative infancy, it is quickly gaining importance as new advertisers come into the fold."

"The acceleration of mobile media consumption, driven by adoption of smartphones, 3G/4G networks and unlimited data plans is a huge " driver: for mobile advertising

This comes after a  "Google survery" 
(in partnership with the independent marketing research firm Ipsos OTX) which showed how U.S. consumers use their smartphon
e The research, was conducted at the end of 2010 among 5,013 US adult smartphone Internet users .

Among the  findings , which has been mentioned below, one  specific insight truly stands out...It showed  39% smartphone users  admit to having used their smartphone while going to the bathroom.
  • - 93% use smartphones at home
  • - 81% browse the Internet
  • - 77% do search for information
  • - 72% do parallel use of smartphone and other media (over 30% like watching TV)
  • - 45% use smartphone to manage their daily lives
  • - 20% would give up their Cable TV for using their smartphone