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May 14, 2012

World Smartphone Penetration at 10%,US ranked 16th among 42 Nations

Global smartphone penetration approaches 10%: ". Global smartphone penetration is just now nearing 10%, according to new research published by TomiAhonen Consulting.
Research Data from Netsize Guide, Informa, Google and Ipsos  shows  that the smartphone penetration in 42 major countries covering 72% of global mobile phone subscriptions
Singapore has the largest recorded feature phone to smartphone migration rate (54%) followed by Canada  (39%), Hong Kong (35%), Sweden (35%), Spain (35%) and the United States (35%).

Singapore has the largest smartphone user base per capita, too, with a 90% penetration Hong Kong  with over 61%, is no 2, along with  Sweden (52%), Australia (47%) and Spain (46%).
The United States ranked 16th with a 35% penetration rate per capita. The U.S. results are not on a par with figured recently released by Nielsen that suggests smartphone penetration in the United States is 43%.

TomiAhonen Consulting also found that the average smartphone user replaces his or her smartphone every 11.5 months. 
source: Via