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August 16, 2011

Google Motorola Acquisition : What Google Stands To Gain

Post The Google Motorola deal what does Google stand to get.If you think this is only about "Patents War"you cannot get more wrong.The real  deal  is about Google's also getting a massive, low-margin, commodity hardware business that owns factories and distribution facilities around the globe.

  • Google stands to gain factories, assembly line which is something Google has never specialised in How many factories? Where are they located? And what other stuff is Google getting? And where?Here are some details from a recent SEC filing which was posted by Businessinsider.
  • Motorola Mobility’s principal executive offices are currently located at 600 N. U.S. Highway 45, Libertyville, Illinois 60048.
  • Motorola Mobility also operates manufacturing facilities, research and development, administrative and sales offices in other U.S. locations and in many other countries... Motorola Mobility owns eight facilities (manufacturing, sales, service and offices), five of which are located in the Americas Region (U.S., Canada, Mexico, Central America and South America) and three of which are located in other countries.

    Motorola Mobility leases 91 facilities, 36 of which are located in the Americas Region and 55 of which are located in other countries.
    Motorola Mobility currently has 19,000. Add that to Google's current roster of 30,000 employees.That’s about a 60% increase.
  • Motorola Mobility owns three major facilities for the manufacturing and distribution of its products. These facilities are located in: Tianjin, China; Hsin Tien, Taiwan; and Jaguariuna, Brazil.
  • A substantial portion of Motorola Mobility’s products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, and Brazil, either in our own facilities or in the facilities of third-parties who manufacture and assemble products for us. If manufacturing in the region or by the small number of third-party suppliers and manufacturers who make a significant portion of our products were disrupted, Motorola Mobility’s overall production capacity could be significantly reduced.

April 4, 2011

Larry page To Takeover From Eric Schmidt at Google

Larry Page, one half of the duo that founded the world’s most popular search engine, will replace Eric Schmidt as Google CEO today, seeing his co-founder Sergey Brin moving into the title of Co-Founder, with Schmidt will step in as Executive Chairman.

As part of the changes, announced on January 20, Schmidt has moved to concentrate on Google’s external partnerships, facilitating deals, connecting with customers and businesses, advising Larry Page and Sergey Brin internally as the company looks to go back to its startup roots.

Writing on the Official Google Blog in January, Schmidt believed Page was ready to take drive the company forward, merging technology and ideas “brilliantly”:
In this new role I know he will merge Google’s technology and business vision brilliantly. I am enormously proud of my last decade as CEO, and I am certain that the next 10 years under Larry will be even better! Larry, in my clear opinion, is ready to lead.
There has been increased speculation that Schmidt would soon leave Google, but the outgoing CEO has committed his future to Google, at least for the short term.

September 27, 2009

Google Launches "FAST FLIP": Now read News Magazine Style"

It seems that Google has finally woken up to the dire straits of " American Newspaper Industry' and launched something that would finally add some cheer to the " rapidly American newspaper and publishers going belly up.

Responding to accusations that Google manages to keeps the bigger share of revenue while providing links to their sites,Google has launched "Fast Flip"in an attempt to befriend the Publishing Industry that looks Google more as a foe rather than a friend.

Fast Flip is a new reading experience that combines the best elements of print and online articles. Like a print magazine, Fast Flip lets you browse sequentially through bundles of recent news, headlines and popular topics, as well as feeds from individual top publishers.

Fast Flip will allow users to read a content newspaper style without being dependent on "internet speeds" while providing contextually relevant ads where revenue will be shared by the Google partners ( In this case the publishers where the content have been sourced)

Some of the partners of "Google Fast Flip" includes three dozen top publishers, including the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Washington Post, Salon, Fast Company, ProPublica and Newsweek. These partners will share the revenue earned from contextually relevant ads.

Additionally Google has reported told the Newspaper Association of America that a new version of its Checkout micropayment platform could help the industry charge for online content.

A Web surfer can quickly jump from one article to the next using large arrows at speeds significantly faster than the time it usually takes to load a Web page.

"As the name suggests, flipping through content is very fast, so you can quickly look through a lot of pages until you find something interesting," Fast Flip developer Krishna Bharat, a Google engineer, said in a blog post on Monday.

Over the last couple of years, Google has found itself alienated among the online newspaper Industry as many newspapers in the US struggled to survive amidst declining offline readership as revenue from free online news websites failed to boost bottomlines.

The upside for readers is that they don't have to click through to view more than a snippet of an article. The beauty for the roughly three dozen major publishers partnering with Flip is that they get to keep a slice of the ad revenue earned on the site. The trade-off is they won't necessarily get the traffic.

Krishna Bharat Ram writing on Google Blog says The publishing industry faces many challenges today, and there is no magic bullet. However, we believe that encouraging readers to read more news is a necessary part of the solution. We think Fast Flip could be one way to help, and we're looking to find other ways to help as well in the near future.

June 4, 2009

Google Squared is Live: First Attempt by Google to Organise Structured Data

Three weeks ago Google demonstrated a new product in Labs called Google Squared; it's a search engine that creates structured data from big piles of information and lets users compare various things by their attributes. Readwriteweb puts it rather bluntly by saying that there have been suggestions that Google Squared will crush Wolfram Alpha. Well, Google Squared went live today and while it's a great idea, in reality the service doesn't look very useful. It doesn't look like it's going to crush anyone.

Google Squared does dig out some interesting bits of information and pretty much succeeds in organizing unstructured information to structured data..besides allowing you to add your own parameters for organizing information

I think Google squared intention is good. It actually gives a good idea of where search is headed in the next few years. While present search engines does a fine job of accumulating tons of layered unstructured data it actually delegates the job of hunting the data down and organizing it to the users. With Google Squared intention is to organize,filter and display huge reams of unstructured data into information bytes which a specific user needs.

However the user Interface is a bit let down. Rows and columns might be good to get information,but the lack of interactivity apart from some basic parameters is a let down.

For example if i am looking for digital cameras, I would like to know more than merely price and features, when u type in reviews... it shows " no review found" for more than 70% of the digital cameras in question.

I would have liked if the user interactivity and the user interface were more appealing ,also some social elements could be added to the feature including user recommendation,Buy this link and add your own review.

It seems that Google has merely imported the search results of different parameters and aggregated it in this interface,rather than providing a new interface.

Google Squared may be useful,but i dont see it becoming popular or add real value to mass users. Lets see if this labs product can last for more than 6 months.

May 30, 2009

Google Policy Head Andrew McLaughlin,Joins Team Obama

In a move that is bound to raise some panic in Google's rivals and consternation to the fact about Google’s growing clout in Washington,Nytimes today reported that Google’s head of global public policy, Andrew McLaughlin, is headed to Washington, DC to join the Obama administration.

Ther Nytimes reports

Andrew McLaughlin, Google’s head of global public policy, is leaving the company to join the Obama administration, according to two people with knowledge of Mr. McLaughlin’s plans.

Mr. McLaughlin will be deputy chief technology officer, reporting to Aneesh Chopra, the chief technology officer, who was previously Virginia’s secretary of technology, said these people, who agreed to speak only if their names were not used because Mr. McLaughlin’s appointment had not been announced.

A Google spokesman confirmed that Mr. McLaughlin was leaving the company.

This is not the first time that someone from Google has joined the Obama Administration.Katie Stanton, a former Google project manager, joined the White House as its director of citizen participation. And Sonal Shah, former head of global development at, now heads the White House Office of Social Innovation

Earlier CEO Eric Smith was a close advisor to Obama's transition team and is also member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.