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July 7, 2011

Zuckerburg's Personally Takes the Bite from "Google +"

 As of 6th July, 2011  , The Facebook Founder had nearly 35,000 people following his updates on the service, more than anyone else in a broad survey of Google+ profiles by Social Statistics, an outside service. His fan base exceeds that of Larry Page, one of the founders of Google and its recently appointed chief executive, who had only 24,000 people following him.

ot many would belive this .. but   the most popular person on Google+, the company’s new social networking service? Ashton Kutcher, perhaps? Or Lady Gaga? Nytimes reported    yesterday that  its not " any Hollywood celeb or sports hunk that   " has notched up record "  Friends" but its Facebook founder "Mr. Zuckerberg .
Google+ is less than a week old and is still not yet widely available to the public. But access to the service, which lets people share photos, links, status updates and video chats with groups of friends, is already in high demand among early adopters who are eager to play with its features. That includes Mr. Zuckerberg, who apparently signed up to keep tabs on his new adversary.

Neither Facebook nor Google confirmed whether Mr. Zuckerberg’s profile was real. But his account is linked with those of several Facebook executives who are also on Google+, including Bret Taylor, the chief technology officer, and Sam Lessin, a product manager, suggesting that it is authentic. Mr. Zuckerberg has yet to post anything that can be seen by the wider public. His own description on his profile page says simply, “I make things.”

March 21, 2011

Google To launch New social Network " Google Circles"

A report by ReadWriteWeb suggested that Google Circles will offer photo, video and message sharing, with the service sharing content with only the “most appropriate of social contacts in their lives, not with all contacts in bulk”. It was thought that it could be unveiled at an event this evening, not necessarily signalling a major public launch but indicating that the product was due to be released.

O’Reilly Media founder Tim O’Reilly seemed to confirm the existence of Google’s new social platform, posting a  tweet that stated:
“I’ve seen google circles, and it looks awesome. Tip of the iceberg too.”

Users will be able to filter what content is shown to which group.
However, Google yesterday denied reports that the network is to launch at the South by Southwest technology event, currently taking place in Austin, Texas.The company also refused to confirm or deny any plans for a social network website.

Google has not been a stranger to social networking, Google Buz was launched as the next big thing, but the Buzz never really got the Buzz, Google  launched many different social efforts over the years but has remained far behind Facebook and Twitter in its efforts. Social networking is an important technology for Google to find success with as it's a key way that people spend time online and that targeted advertisements are delivered to those people.

Meanwhile The latest Update   is Google has denied  that its  starting a new social network.

According to Marshall Kirkpatrick  of Readwriteweb, Google has now officially denied that Circles will launch here, but not that it exists.  Everything users share on Circles will be shared only with the most appropriate circle of social contacts in their lives, not with all your contacts in bulk. Circles may be shown off at an event co-hosted tonight by the ACLU, an organization focused on privacy and the liberties it affords.