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July 23, 2015

financial sector brand spends on Google advertising network

")brands  with heaviest spends on on  adwords  vs their   CPC rates ( cost per click)"

brands across the financial sectors with heaviest spends on on  google 

These are top 5 brands that spends heaviest on " Google advertising ( adwords)

1)State Farm spends spends on Google awords : $43.7 million

2)Progressive  spends on Google adverting :      :$43.1 million

3) Geico  ad spends across google networks        :$23.7 million

4)Quicken Loans adwords  spends ;                     $22.1 million
5) eHealth Insurance :$20.6 million:                   $ 20.6 million

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July 22, 2015

industries spending the highest on google advertising program "adwords"

"industries spending  the highest on google advertising program "adwords"

The above charts shows the industries that spends the highest on google's advertising program.

Google 's 2014  revenue from its advertising  program" adwords"   was  almost $56 billion, which was a 12% growth as compared to 2013 in which search giant raked up  $billion from its adwords and display ads program including local search

The break up of  industry verticals which topped spends on Google ads

  1. Financial products  :$2  billion
  2. Insurance products $2 billion
  3. Online Retail :      $2;8 billion
  4. Travel and Tourism: $2.4billion
  5. jobs and education: $2.2 billion
  6. Home and Gardening products: $2.1billion
  7. Consumer electronics   $2 billion
  8. automotive and Vehicle  :$2 billion
  9. Internet and Telecom: $1.7 billion
  10. Business and Industrial :$1.6 billion 

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July 17, 2015

No of Pages indexed by google : 2008 to 2015

"No of Pages indexed by google : 2008 to 2015: chart of the day"

The chart shows the number of webpages that has been indexed by google from 2008 to 2014. Google has 90,000 servers to cache and index all these monumental data . This is almost double the pages as compared to yahoo+ Bing. ( data: statisticsbrain)

Number of annual google searches vs searches vs per day

" number of google searches on an average from 2010 onwards"

The above chart shows the number of Google searches since 1998 onwards by year and by day

Source: Google Official History, Comscore, Statistic Brain Research Institute
he chart shows the number of webpages that has been indexed by google from 2008 to 2014. Google has 90,000 servers to cache and index all these monumental data . This is almost double the pages as compared to yahoo+ Bing. G ( data: statisticsbrain)

July 13, 2015

10 years of smartphone sales : Apple, Android and Nokia

how  nokia countered android and apple

This chart compares Nokia  against  the booming android growth and the growth of Apple smartphones since 2007 . However Nokia was  already faltering as samsung came out with its mind blowing products..and the declining share of RIM and adoption of Android  OS standard all but killed the brand

July 12, 2015

List of top 20 start up companies where Google has invested

companies where " google has invested in "

List of top 20 start up companies where Google has invested "

 These are the list of  startup ventures where google has served as an angel investor since 2004 onwards

timeline of google's 171 acquisitions and 38 investments across companies

 As of today Google has acquired 171 companies according to Crunchbase and has invested as angel investor across  38 companies. The list of companies Google acquired in 2013-2014 has been illustrated below along with their product lines it represented

" google timeline of  acquisition"


 SlickLogin (Sound identification)

 DeepMind (Aritifical Intelligence)

Nest (Smart smoke alarms)


Boston Dynamics (Robotics) (humanoid robots)

Autofuss (Ads and Design)

FlexyCore (DroidBooster App for Android)

 Flutter (Gesture recognition technology)

Bot & Dolly (Robotic cameras)

Bump (Mobile software)

Holomni (Robotic wheels)

WIMM Labs (Android powered smartwatches)

Meka Robotics (Robots)

Redwood Robotics (Robotic Arms)

Waze (GPS navigation software)

Industrial Perception (Computer Vision)

Makani Power (Airborne wind turbines)

Wavii (Natural Language Processing)

 Behavio (Social Prediction)

Talaria Technologies (Cloud computing)

DNNresearch Inc. (Deep Neural Networks)

Channel Intelligence (Product ecommerce) 

top 10 most expensive companies google acquired

Which Companies acquired by google were most expensive ?  This chart takes a look at the top 10 most costly acquisitions by Google
" which are the most expensive top 10 companies bought by google:

Google's top 10 Most Expensive  Buyouts 

The above chart from statistic shows the selected  top 10 most expensive companies which google has acquired. Leading the list  Motorola mobility which is acquired for $125 billion USD . Post Motorola Google acquired  smart thermostat creator Nest Labs  in January 2014 at 3.2 billion U.S. dollars. Number 3 was double click purchased at 3.1million USD in 2008. Youtube is number 4 with 1.6billion USD.

July 10, 2015

Facebook video postings outperforming photo sharing in terms of engagement

Facebook Campaigns by Video Post: Engagement with video posts are up by 25% this yearQ3

" content sharing at Facbook moves to video marketing"
img source: CMO

Marketers are looking to drive more people to their sites as posts with links have increased substantially along with online video links  at Facebook.With Facebook being a source of  more than one third most referral traffic , regular  relevant posting can bring you  targeted and quality traffic 

Video forms quite a substantial form of content  engagement strategy at  Facebook, as the medium provides both dynamism and real time information which users can validate in real time  .Engagement with video posts is up 25% year-over-year and 58% quarter-over-quarter on Facebook 

 In fact text posts have declined quickly in share and engagement. • Posts with video  links are up 77% year-over-year   and 167 every quartner . According to research , Friday is the best day for posting video content on #Facebook.

July 9, 2015

compete and alexa ranks top 15 social networking sites this year

"top 10 most visited social websites"

" social networking sites with highest visitors  ranking"

" top 15 social networking sites in 2015"
data/source :ebizmba

Alexa and Compete published their list of most trafficked  social web sites  this year . Social networking sites led by Facebook and Twitter rules the  social box office with  compete ranking it 3 and Alexa ranking in 2. Alexa ranks websites in terms of web traffic, as a result the lower the alexa rank, the higher the traffic and vice versa.  Compete is a similar tool which ranks web sites  as per unique visitors.

Twitter and Linkedin make the number 2 and 3  most frequented social networks with a compete ranking it  21 and Alexa ranking it 7. Linkedin ranks  25 in compete and 9 in Alexa

June 29, 2015

Which are the mobile apps in US with highest unique visitors

" The chart shows the mobile apps in US by unique visitors."


  The chart shows the mobile apps in US by unique visitors.. Facebook, Youtube and Google search are among the top 3 most visited mobile apps in US

globally indexed web pages : google vs bing


 The chart shows the size of the World Wide Web  Indexed pages by google . Google so far according to the chart according to worldwebsize has  indexed 47 billion pages . The no 1  chart compared the  search index of bing  and google ;

According to Google  it has indexed 30 trillion unique individual pages. That up an astonishing 30 times in five years: Google reported in 2008 that the web had just one trillion pages. Google says that it stores information about those 30 trillion pages in the Google Index, which is now at 100 million gigabytes

. That’s about a thousand terabytes, and you’d need over three million 32GB USB thumb drives to store all that data.

June 2, 2015

2015 Most powerful brands:Infographic

Infographic: Apple Reclaims Title of Most Valuable Brand | Statista

The 2015 Millward Brown's annual Brandz report ranks  Apple  has the number one brand which surpassed Google to reclaim the throne and become the world's most valuable brand
Powered and driven by by the success of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the new  applw smartwatches , Apple's brand value soared 67 percent to $247 billion, eclipsing the value of last year's leading brand Google by more than $70 billion.

June 1, 2015

The 5 parameters which google uses to rank mobile friendlness

"google search ranking  parameters"

The 5 functionalities which google considers relevant for your site's mobile friendliness

The new Google mobile friendliness  search update has been a watershed in the history of search marketing.Its an indication of how the Internet is moving towards digitally connected devices  and how "the nature of search" is moving from content driven approach towards  functional led approach

The chart shows what you need to actively invest in when it comes  to your key focus areas. Feature and functionality are the  biggest  issues when it comes to your mobile site.Assume if a person who does not know " a mobile search" from a desktop search who is suddenly asked to  navigate your sites content on a smartphone.That is half the problem solved. Make use of sliders  including collapsible content.Ensure your call to actions is prominently displayed  via big buttons.The contact us  functionality should be based on click to call and click to sms. 

May 11, 2015

which techology company has highest number of woman managers

technology companies and women managers

Tech brands with the highest number of woman managers  

Pinterest, Linked, Yahoo are the top tech companies with the higher number of women managers with 40,39 and 37% respectively 
While there is no evidence or research to show that productivity or efficiency is gender dependent nor any study to show why companies needs to hire more woman than men or vice versa.  So what makes them so attractive to tom tom !! For these global technology giants gender diversity is a big statement in itself .It makes them sound very politically correct and helps them to don the leadership role in the tech industry by trying to showcase gender diversity. This is a great way to hire new woman recruits who are at times seen not as ambitious or career driven as men... What is left unsaid is the role of economics in gender diversity . Do compensation levels play a role in gender divide ?

May 7, 2015

47% of google's search traffic comes from mobile

Mobile share  in US Organic  search engine traffic 

With more than 75% smartphone penetration  in US , mobile now accounts for 45% of online search traffic , searches from mobile  forms 45% share of US organic search traffic in Q1,
The iPhone (18%) and iPad (12%) alone contributed a combined 30% of organic search traffic, per the report, more than double the share (13%) from Android devices.
While mobile search search traffic  grew by 54%YoY,in Q1, desktop search traffic rose by 14%  According to google 47% of  its search traffic now comes from mobile

google page speed service to shut down

"page speed service by google  to shut  down"

Google is shutting down PageSpeed Service, its hosted solution for optimizing websites for faster delivery, on August 3. Developers have until then to change their DNS settings or their sites won’t be available anymore. New sign-ups have already been disabled.

 PageSpeed Service, which launched four-and-a-half years ago, applies a number of optimization techniques to a site to get it to the user faster. This ranges from compressing images to optimizing cache settings, JavaScript and CSS files. The service also caches static assets and then delivers them from Google’s servers around the world. In many ways, PageSpeed Service is similar to what CloudFlare does but without the focus on security.

May 6, 2015

Mobile ad monetization : Android vs iOS

mobile ad monetization compared "android vs iOS"

Android is global leader for traffic and revenue, but iOS and tablets are tops for monetization

Android devices overtook iOS devices in mobile traffic last year on the Opera Mediaworks platform, and as of this past quarter ( q1 2015)they’ have now caught up in terms of mobile ad revenues (45.8% and 45.4%, respectively). But, iOS devices still lead in monetization: their share of mobile ad revenues is about double their share of traffic (45.4% vs. 22.3%), Android continues to dominate the market, with a 65.2% share of impressions higher than 42.8% share of one year ago.

May 5, 2015

2015 highest paid female ceo's and their salaries

Infographic: America's Highest-Paid Female Chief Executives | Statista


By how much do you think compensation levels between male CEO's and female CEO's vary? or does it at all ? According to the S&P Capital IQ and Bespoke Investment Group research data published by USA Today  show  that female CEOs in the S&P 500 earned $18.8 million, more then the $12.7 million paid to the male CEOs .Marissa Mayer  of Yahoo and  Safra Cadz of Oracle  ranks 1st and 2nd  among the  top 10 " highest paid  female  chief executives in 2015"

Ex Google hand  Marissa Mayer ranks 7th in overall CEO pay, with her total annual compensation at $42.1 million.Safra Ada Catz of Oracle earns $42,1 million while Lockheed Martin's Marillyn Hewson  pay package tops $33.7 million. Ranking 4th is  Carol M Meyrowitz of TJX with $28.7million . Meanwhile  Indra Nooyi from Pepsi and Ursula burns from Xerox  complete t the 5th and 6th  rank with both their annual pay reaching $22.5million.

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May 1, 2015

Social Media optimizations Tweaks: infographic

" cheatsheet for all your social media marketing needs"
How much you know about social media optimization . From profile customization and length of your  posts, optimum image sizes,notifications, app integration, embedding feature, sharing on other social networks, 3rd party links and location mapping . The above infographic  provides a snapshot of the top social  networks   and a  must have handy tool for your social  marketing needs
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