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November 4, 2015

comparison features of HTC One M9+ vs Xiaomi Mi 4C

comparison features of HTC One M9+ vs Xiaomi Mi 4C Both phones have above average cameras. Their primary cameras are both at least 8 megapixels, which is a good baseline for capturing high quality images. These phones can record high definition (HD) video in 1080p or better, which is standard in most modern models.

The One M9+ can record video in 4K Ultra HD, while the Mi 4C supports recording up to 1080p, a lower resolution. While 4K is a significantly higher resolution, it requires much more storage space than other levels of video quality.

August 5, 2014

78% Chinese Smartphone Market led by Domestic Giants

Infographic: Domestic Vendors Stand Strong in China's Smartphone Market | Statista
via  Statista

When it comes to price, non can beat the Chinese, and quality that can " in the first glance beat all competitors hands down.

The Chinese smartphone market continues to play by its own rules according to data released by the Hong Kong based research firm Counterpoint. Unlike most Asian or European markets  where Apple and Samsung is within striking distance , In china Samsung leads Apple by 8% ( 18  vs 10) 

The rest are led by the  Chinese manufacturers such as Lenovo, Xiaomi and Coolpad are quickly gaining market share with handsets sold at prices that the international competition,

March 7, 2013

The End of HTC : Story in Charts

CHART OF THE DAY: HTC Revenue Growth - Business Insider: HTC was the first company to ride the Android wave to smashing success. It is also the first company to crash on the Android wave. Here's a look at its revenue growth over the last 16 quarters.

What happened to HTC? Samsung. It released its phones on more carriers and it marketed the heck out of them. HTC was left in the dust.

HTC posted posted a fourth consecutive loss during the third quarter of this year. According to Interbrand, HTC’s brand value has fallen by 24-percent this year, but it remains the number one Taiwanese brand name, beating Acer and Asus. 

In 2013 HTC has a new  Marketing head  to gain back market share and volumes .  HTC has appointed Benjamin Ho as the new head of marketing, who has taken over from Janurary,2013.When he arrives at HTC, his first project will be Marketing 2.0, which according to HTC is designed to “refocus [the company’s] efforts around holistic marketing and mass-market brand outreach.”

February 22, 2013

219.4 million Smartphones sold in 4Q12, Samsung garners 23% of maketshare

Global smartphone operating system share in 2012 and 2016 (millions of units), according to IDC
Operating System2012 market share2016 market share2012-16 Growth
BlackBerry OS4.7%4.1%14.6%
Windows Phone2.6%11.4%16.3%
Source: IDC (Dec 2012)
© mobiThinking
Top Five Smartphone Vendors, Shipments, and Market Share, Q4 2012 (Units in Millions) 
4Q12 Unit Shipments
4Q12 Market Share
4Q11 Unit Shipments
4Q11 Market Share
Year-over-Year Change
1. Samsung
2. Apple
3. Huawei
4. Sony
5. ZTE

Why Samsung is number one handset/smartphone vendor: why your mobile strategy should emulate Samsung | mobiThinking: Samsung’s supremacy in the mobile business is no accident. In 2012, Samsung  overtook Nokia to claim the number one spot with 23.4 percent of mobile phone market and extended its lead, massively, over Apple in the smartphone market taking 30.3 percent, according to IDC and Strategy Analytics (see the tables below). Samsung also knocked Apple off its perch to become the best-loved smartphone vendor in the US-based Brand Keys 2013 Customer Loyalty Index.

Despite the growing popularity of smartphones (sales grew 44 percent in 2012, according to IDC), 59 percent of mobile purchasers still bought a feature phone in 2013.

Despite the meteoric rise of the Android operating system (OS), which is used in handsets from Samsung, ZTE, HTC and others, 70 percent of mobile purchasers didn’t buy an Android handset in 2013.

Apple might be the number two smartphone vendor, but 86 percent of people who purchased a mobile in 2013 didn’t buy an iOS/Apple handset.

December 4, 2012

How Samsung Killed the Brand iPhone: The Story in Charts

How did Samsung manage to rule the Smartphone market in  18 months .Horace Dideu of Asymco tells the story  on how " One of the greatest technology war unfolded.. Samsung vs Apple vs Google . The series of revealing charts  shows how Samsung learned from its competitors ,Apple, RIM and Nokia.
How Samsung became the world’s largest handset maker eclipsing Nokia ,( which had that spot for as long as anyone can remember), going from zero to market dominance in less than three years:
The  series of charts ' Show how Samsung" became from also ran to  a market leaderAs you can see, Samsung's mobile operating income will soon be twice as much as Google's overall operating income. Samsung's operating income is almost entirely because of Google's Android.

Apple beats LG in US Mobile Market with 18% share in Nov,2012

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile Vendor (Beta) Market Share

October 2012 Traffic Data Compared to July,2012 Data 

Apple Overtakes LG as #2 Mobile OEM in the US: After months of closing the gap with LG, Apple has moved into the second spot in comScore’s list of top mobile handset manufacturers, per the company’s latest MobiLens figures covering the 3-month average period ending in October 2012.Apple ranked second for the first time with 17.8% market share, up 1.5% points from the 3-month period ending in July. LG dropped 0.8% of its market share, to 17.6%. Motorola with 11% and HTC with 6% make up the bottom  

Apple has been challenging LG for some time now. In the September figures, it sat just 0.2% points back from LG in mobile market share, while in the August figures, it was 1.1% points behind. Its second ranking in October culminates a trend that has continued for longer than a year: back in October 2011, it sat in the 4th spot at 10.8% market share, compared to 20.6% for LG.

November 14, 2012

Samsung rules Global Mobile market with 23% share, crushes Nokia to 7th Place

Samsung is the undisputed king of the Mobile Phone Market with its Marketshare , jumping from 18.7% in Q3 2011 to 22.9%  Q3,2012 . It’s followed by Nokia, who saw its Marketshare fall from 23.9% to 19.2% and Apple, which is a distant third, having grown from 3.9% to 5.5%.

The Samsung Magic has  done it again. Amidst a slowing global market for smartphones  Samsung crushes competition to emerge as no 1 with a 24% market share in Q3,2012, as mobile phone sales to end-users fell 3.1% year-on-year to around 428 million units in the same quarter

 Nokia has been struggling to catch up with its rivals,and had  expected the Microsoft OS platform  to deliver. as it dumped the symbian OS, believing that the market is dominated by pure play OS platform

It is very clear  the " Microsoft Nokia collaboration has not been able to crack the " secret of Samsung"
Microsoft and Symbian together accounted for 5% of the operating systems used in smartphones in the third quarter.

Android Now Commands 72% of the Market in Q3,2012

Android Market Share Jumps to 72 Percent [REPORT]: Android‘s overall smartphone market share has jumped to 72.4% in Q3 2012, up from 52.5% in the same period last year, Gartner’s latest data shows.

Most of that growth comes at the expense of RIM and Symbian, both of which lost a huge chunk of their market share.

Apple’s iOS fell from 15% in Q3 2011 to 13.9% in Q3 2012, and Microsoft and Samsung’s Bada managed to increase their market share, from 1.5% to 2.4% and from 2.2% to 3%, respectively.

October 29, 2012

Is it the End of Road for HTC ? Another Smartphone Company Bites the Dust

HTC Sees Lowest Sales Since 2010 as Market Share Slides - Businessweek

HTC’s recent advertising campaign, featuring skydivers plummeting to earth while filming the ride on their HTC smartphones, is perhaps too close to comfort as it increasingly looks closer to hit the ground and crash to earth  as it continues to loose Marketshare globally to Samsung and Apple   as it goes downhill

HTC's  Q4, 2012 revenue will be around NT$60 billion ($2.1 billion)The average of 24 analyst estimates compiled by Bloomberg is for sales of NT$74.6 billion. The figure would be the lowest since the first quarter of 2010, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
HTC posted a 43 percent decline in third-quarter smartphone shipments from a year earlier, the most among the top five vendors, even as the market climbed 45 percent, according to IDC Corp.

According to  smartphone analysts' the tech industry is moving towards a fragmentation where the  polarization towards technology and brand is huge. 

Typically ' Samsung and Apple' by virtue of there brand names, tech innovation and high media visibility has succeeded in generating consistent buzz .Samsung and Apple due to their distribution clout developed  over the years by being a part of the consumer  electronics industry has managed to use scale and integrate the supply chain  

“The smartphone industry is moving toward a sandwich-type scenario,” wrote Daniel Chang of Macquarie in a recent note. “Samsung and Apple are the winners at top-end brands while low-cost brands such as Huawei are dominating at the low end.”

That is because, as HTC found to its detriment, competition at the top end is not just about innovative products. It is also about having the marketing and retail firepower to win over customers and keep them loyal and also making sure Customers stay with them

With 57million Smartphones sold in Q3 2012, Samsung enters record books

Strategy Analytics  Q3,2012  Smartphone Vendor Ranking Data 

Samsung US Smartphone Sales Shipments vs International Markets 

Q2,2012 Smartphone Vendors Marketshare  Compared with Q2,2011

Samsung & Apple continue smartphone market dominance  as shipments of smartphones grew 35% annually to reach nearly 162 million units in the third quarter of 2012, according to new data from research firm Strategy Analytics.

Samsung was the undisputed leader and  ranked no 1  in  Smartphone sales with  as its smartphone shipments exceeding  a  global record record  of  shipping  56.9 million smartphones worldwide during the Q3,2012 which is the largest number of units ever shipped by a smartphone vendor in a single quarter

In Q3,2012  Samsung's Smartphones   had 35% global marketshare .Ranked no 2 was Apple's iphones  which sold 26.9 million smartphones worldwide  with a 17% market share in 2012.Overall Samsung sold twice the number of smartphones  sold by Apple
Apple grew  57% annually in 2012 and shipped 26.9 million smartphones worldwide for 17 percent Marketshare, up from 14 percent recorded a year earlier in 2011.

October 28, 2012

How Samsung Killed the Brand HTC,

HTC's tough business conditions show just how quickly a company's fortunes can change in the rapidly evolving market for smartphones. HTC, which was Apple's strongest smartphone competitor in the U.S. just two years ago, has since lost much of its global market share to South Korea's Samsung, the world's largest smartphone vendor.

HTC seeks to reverse sliding smartphone sales | Technology | HTC on Friday reported a 79% drop in third quarter profit to $139m (82.5m) on revenue of 1.5bn. It was HTC's fourth consecutive fall in quarterly profit.

HTC  having enjoyed three golden years as the first company to make smartphones based on Google's Android software. However HTC is on the downhill as it struggles to stem  a slide in sales and keep its status as a global brand in a market increasingly divided between Apple and Samsung.

HTC is yet to see its worst as its revenue  is expected to  drop to 1.3bn in the Q4,2012 despite traditional pre-Christmas buying and its introduction of two new models running on Microsoft's Windows 8. Founded in 1997 HTC  started off as a contract electronics manufacturer. Under its chief executive Peter Chou, the company focused decisively on smartphones in 2006, 

August 27, 2012

Android 4.0.4 Update For HTC One S

The Android 4.0.4 update for the HTC One S is now available for HTC’s European customers. The  OTA update  currently being pushed out to unlocked devices in several countries across Europe.

A week after releasing the Android 4.0.4 update for the AT&T HTC One X, HTC is now releasing the update for the NVIDIA Tegra 3 powered HTC One X in Europe. While the underlying version of Android may be the same, some of the new features and bug fixes are slightly different since the two devices run on a completely different chip.

o check to see if the Android 4.0.4 update is available for you HTC one X, go to  Settings > About Phone > HTC Software Updates > Check. Now that the Android 4.0.4 update is rolling out to the HTC One X, HTC should be able to shift its focus to Android 4.1 and hopefully deliver a Jelly Bean flavored update before Q3 is out.

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August 25, 2012

51% Chinese Now uses Smartphones, Apple bites the dust sales drop 50%

For the first time, 
smartphone shipments in China overtook feature phones in the second quarter, with local brands Lenovo Group Ltd and ZTE Corp pushing Apple to fourth place from second while April-June, Q2,2012 saw smartphone shipments rise to 44 million, accounting for 51 percent of China's total mobile shipments of 87 million,as per the IDC report in August,2012

Samsung retained its lead in the Chinese smartphone market with a share of 19 percent, though this was down from 21 percent in the previous quarter, according to the IDC data.

Lenovo, the world's No.2 vendor of personal computers which makes the LePhone, climbed to second place and increased its China market share to 11 percent from a single-digit percentage in the first quarter when it was ranked 7th, the data showed. Local rival Huawei Technologies Co Ltd ranked fifth.

Data from Gartner, another research firm, showed Apple's market share fell to 12 percent in the second quarter from 17 percent in the previous three months, though it kept its No.2 ranking, according to a report by Nomura Securities

July 19, 2012

Smartphone Customer Satisfaction Index Ranks Apple at No 1

Quantity market shares by Strategy Analytics (note that Gartner instead shows Nokia ahead on Apple sales based on Symbian sales only
(new sales)
Apple Q2 2010
Apple Q2 2011
Samsung Q2 2010
Samsung Q2 2011
Nokia Q2 2010
Nokia Q2 2011
Others Q2 2010
Others Q2 2011

Smartphone Customer Satisfaction
by J.D. Power and Associates
Apple 2010
Apple 2011
HTC 2010
HTC 2011
Industry Average 2010
Industry Average 2011
Samsung 2010
Samsung 2011
Motorola 2010
Motorola 2011
RIM 2010
RIM 2011
LG 2010
LG 2011
HP/Palm 2010
HP/Palm 2011
Nokia 2010
Nokia 2011
Rankings are based on a possible top score of 1000

The American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) released last month, shows consumer satisfaction scores for cellphone manufacturers and wireless carriers.  The number 1 is Apple and Sprint takes no 2 . ASCI collects data from more than 70,000 customers from more than 225 companies in 47 industries and 10 economic factors.
This is the first year ASCI included Apple, RIM, HTC and LG in this particular survey. Apple’s scores topped out 83 (out of 100), ranking 9 points higher than the industry average of 74 and 8 points higher than runner-ups HTC, LG and Nokia. That’s got to be hard to swallow for Motorola, Samsung and RIM, especially for Samsung who took home a score of 71, especially in wake of their industry success with the Galaxy series. The report does include feature phones, which could partly explain Nokia’s successful entry. RIM, for its own industry failings scored a 69, 14 points behind Apple and five total points below the industry average