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June 24, 2014

Social Media 1.0 vs Social Media 2.0 : What has changed for digital branding

While social media during 2007 to 2010 had been about broadcasting and conversation, posting photos and videos. The 2014 Social media is becoming immensely “ one to one conversation, " in real time" .. where brand loyalty do not mean a thing.You are what  your Twitter hastag mentioned you till yesterday night.Brands are using social web to understand conversations.. Conversations which consumers are having about the brand.. 

To find out “ how a video” of the brand uploaded by an amateur Stand up artist” goes viral, while they continue to spend a million Rupees in creating that one big idea.

Just when they thought the new creative will de clutter the market, an Instagram post” makes you feel “ the finalized copy which you approved last week, does not seem to reflect the “ creative 

Welcome to the social media, where the only thing you are learning is unlearning.. fast and furious... Today, even as marketers are slowly figuring out their strategies for the Big Four social media platforms, they are struggling with a Q&A forum like Quora, Instagram, Foursquare..Vine and Snapchat Instagram and Vine.

Apart from  Facebook, its Pinterest, Foursquare, Snapchat are making theur presence felt Twitter recently signed a $230-million deal with advertising network Omnicom while French ad network Publicis Groupe signed a $100-million deal with Instagram, in addition to its multi-year $500-million pact with Facebook. Those are the kind of deals that the world’s biggest newspapers and television channels would die for

June 11, 2014

Android users account for 56% mobile ad impressions in Millennial Media Platform

According to the latest  Mobile Media  Advertising Mix, out of 73% smartphone users where M Media reached , 56% mobile ad impressions were across Android users, and 37% were from iOS consumers. Impressions  across non phone connected device (( tablets, consoles,)  was  23% ( 3% rise  increase as compared to last year

Ad impressions across iOS OS increased by 3% ( 34% to 37% ) during last FY, while Android  users saw  4% increase in impressions served across their mobile device (  from 52% to 56%)

Android users accounted for 56% Impressions across millennial media


September 29, 2013

GTA V is now " The Fastest Selling Online Gaming Products in History

Fastest Selling  Gaming products  from Hollywood Movie
via at Statista

With an estimated production/marketing budget of $265 million, GTA V ( Grand Theft Auto ) is  the most expensive video game  of all time 

Grand Theft Auto (GTA)  video gaming published by Rockstar Games and developed by subsidiary companies. The first games were developed by Rockstar North(formerly DMA Design) and BMG Interactive (a subsidiary of BMG Records

  Industry analysts had predicted that  the GTA  would sell 15 to 20 million units of the game and thus earn $1 billion by March 2014. That estimate turned out just a tad too conservative: the game went on to earn $800 million within the first 24 hours and after less than three days, Take-Two issued a press release stating that the game had just passed $1 billion in sales.

May 16, 2012

Facebook and Brand Building Across Emerging markets

In its exclusive look at global Facebook brand engagement data, Socialbakers' analysis  provide social network's exploding international reach but also how the world's biggest brands are tapping into the social economy to build international momentum. The data examines the Engagement Rate (ER)* of brands—a clear measure of brand engagement—in the top 10 countries with the largest Facebook user base. The infographic and complete analysis are available at

Kraft Tops the List of Fastest Moving Brands
Three of the top five Fastest Moving Global Brands come from the Kraft family. The company's Halls, Trident and Chiclets lines made major gains over the past year, boosted by strong audience engagement in Brazil (the second-largest Facebook audience). L'Oreal Paris Brazil and AXE Indonesia (Unilever) round out the Top Five.
Consumer Goods Win Big Around the World
Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs) have emerged as industry leaders on the global scale, with half of the Top 10 Fastest Movers falling into this category. CPGs also dominate in key growth markets. In Brazil, the most engaged brands are CPGs, and in the United Kingdom, Cadbury Creme Egg and Cadbury Wispa rank in the top two. In France, M&Ms boasts the highest engagement rate of any brand in the nation.

Mobile/Telecom Move the Needle in Emerging Markets
Mobile brands have also made big moves among the top 10 Countries, as well as in some smaller, yet highly engaged markets.

BlackBerry, which has fallen behind the pack in the U.S. mobile market, is among the top three brands in Mexico and Indonesia. Samsung and Nokia top the leaderboard in Turkey and Mexico, while regional player Vodafone has by far more fans and higher engagement than any other brand in India.