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June 11, 2015

mckinsey global media spending report: 2015 and beyond

global ad spending growth  by industry categories

McKinsey report on global advertising  charts the key category where media spending will undergo dramatic transition post 2015. By 2017 digital and mobile advertising are likley to  form more than 50% of ad budgets , Cinema , Hoardings, Out of Home and  Magazines will gradually be overtaken by to web and they are likely to remain as a fringe media 2017 and beyond 

October 25, 2011

2011 Holiday Retail Sales to Grow 2.8% To $465.6 Billion

Chart: Small holiday 2011 spend per person

Small holiday 2011 spend per person
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According to the National Retail Federation’s 2011 Holiday Consumer Intentions Survey, conducted by BIGresearch, holiday shoppers say they plan to shell out an average of $704.18 on holiday gifts and seasonal merchandise, down slightly from last year’s $718.98.* NRF is still forecasting overall holiday retail sales to grow 2.8 percent during the months of November and December to $465.6 billion.

Additionally, nearly six in 10 holiday shoppers (59.9%) say they plan to take advantage of retailers’ sales and discounts to make additional non-gift purchases for themselves and their families during the holiday season. The average person will spend approximately $130.43 during the holiday season to take advantage of sales and discounts on apparel, electronics, home goods and other items for themselves or a family member, up from $112.20 last year.

According to the survey, the largest portion of a consumer’s holiday budget will go toward gifts for family members, with the average person expected to shell out $403.26 on kids, parents and other family members. Friends, co-workers and even the family pet can expect something nice this year as well; holiday celebrants will spend an average of $68.23 on friends, $21.06 on co-workers, and $23.39 on other gifts. Consumers will also spend on decorations ($46.73), greeting cards ($26.52), candy and food ($96.75), and flowers ($18.23.)