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August 26, 2013

The Truth of Steve Ballmer: Did he Get Fired ?

Microsoft CEO  for the last decade was never very popwas never a popular man at the company and with his departure  an era comes  to an end

 Employees who had worked with him in he past, ot those who have worked with himddoes not have a charitable view of their bosses.

So when Finally Steve Ballmer announced his retirement this week after a long 10 years, The internet was abuzz with news aross the web that inFact " Ballmer was  shown the door' and asked to eave and

Whatever the reason of Microsoft CEO  exit,This was not a big surprise to many industry watchers who had interacted with him a few  times , and there were questions  on  this temperament and ability to run a Core Technology Company

 Not that this is a huge surprise to industry-watchers. However Steve Ballmer is not the guy to go down without fighting: Who seriously believed he'd actually decided to retire?

 Here are some tributes to the man below

Joachim Kempin worked at Microsoft for about two decades, first joining the company in the 1980s, when it only had about 400 employees.  He hs authored a book about what those years were like:

" In addition to telling the story of Microsoft's growth into a global powerhouse, Kempin's book includes a strong opinion about what has gone wrong at Microsoft over the past 10 years. The problem is at the top, Kempin argues. CEO Steve Ballmer is the wrong guy for the job. Kempin believes that Microsoft should be led by a technologist, not a businessman.