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September 22, 2013

"17% Online Users now access Internet via" Mobile Web ,Social Media Tops engagement

PC users are slowing down, while Mobile and Smartphone online usage is growing .

Social Media Tops in engagement for Smartphone web users
Social Media engagement time, for PC users going  online is lower ( 18%) than Mobile users engagement time across social is 31%)

People are spending more time accessing the internet from a variety of non-PC connected devices, finds GfK in a new report. While desktop and laptop computers accounted for 83% of total time spent online last year, that dropped by 10% points to 73% this year. 

However " Connected Devices " including Mobile, Tablets, eReaders  picked up drastically as these devices made up a substantial part of web usage .Mobile phones now account for 17% of time spent with the internet (up 42% from 12%), and tablets 6% (double last year’s 3%).! Meanwhile Social websites account for 31% of smartphone minutes( length of  users who are online via the smartphones and tablets ,which is a 100% rise as compared to spending time reading emails via smartphones, which ranked  2nd at 16%