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June 8, 2011

iPad Sales Increase By 74%, Apple Posts its Best Numbers

Buried in Apple's big WWDC keynote yesterday was the revelation that the company is on track to sell 8 million iPads for the 2011 June quarter.

 According to Businessinsider, t This q2 earnings  would be Apple's best quarter of iPad sales yet and a 74% jump over what it did just last quarter. It would also beat analyst estimates for iPad units which were around 6.5 million-7 million.

And yet, no one seems to care. Apple's stock is actually down 1% for the day. Maybe investors are spooked by seeing a rail thin Steve Jobs, or they're disappointed about the lack of a new iPhone.

Before he got to all of the juicy details about the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs spent some time at today’s WWDC keynote event going over the state of Apple’s last major product, the iPad. According to Mr. Jobs, the iPad nation is well and thriving.
With millions of devices sold, thousands of apps, and e-book sales numbers that might be making Amazon nervous, the iPad appears to be a continued success. Check out infographic below for the full skinny on the state of the iPad.