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August 18, 2012

iPhone 5 to have the thinnest Screen Among all Apple Devices

Apple’s iPhone 5  LCD screen is expected to be the thinnest across any consumer devices sold till date The new screen will embed the LCD and the touch sensors into one consolidated layer that will help in substantially decreasing the depth of the device. Already in production at Sharp, LG Display, and Japan Display, the new screen will also be cost effective.

The iPhone 5 is rumoured  to have one of the thinnest LCD screen consumers could ever used . This is according to the latest news coming out via a patent filing which it has recently filed for  
Apple’s the newly patented LCD screen technology integrates the touch sensors with the actual display circuits, reducing the space taken up by the screen. The new technology is an improvement over the current technique, which places the touch sensors on top of the screen and naturally leads to a thicker display.

Dubbed simply "Touch screen liquid crystal display," the patent suggests a variety of ways to integrate the various components. In one scenario, the touch-screen elements can be placed between the display's color filter and array plates, which means the design could support both conventional LCDs as well as IPS (in-plane-switching) screens.

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