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April 7, 2015

global mobile payment transaction at $721billion, asia pacific bigger market than america

global mobile payments transactions at $721billion, asia pacific bigger market than america

Global mobile payment transaction volume is set to reach 721 billion USD by 2017. Today  the number of people having a phone  that can be used as a " payment device" is much much bigger than those having a bank account or a credit card
Asia Pacific will account for having  the biggest   base for mobile payments in 2015 as well as 2016 replacing US ..The most popular digital  wallets usage by US consumers are paypal,google wallet and Apple Passbook

Apart from Food industry and  entertainment (movies, concert, shows ).retail  industry have the highest adoption of " Mobile Payments" in the US

April 6, 2015

LTE / 4G Coverage in Europe to exceed 83% of population by 2020

LTE / 4G Coverage in Europe  to exceed  83% of population  by 2020
4G to cover 83% of european households by 2020


The chart shows the  adoption of LTE ( Long term evolution or 4G )By 2020,according to  GSMA  83% of European population will  be covered  by  this technology

4G/LTE networks offer the consumer a robust data connection, as well as higher data transmission speeds and reductions in latency.There is growing evidence of a change in consumer behavior when presented with the greater opportunities offered by these new applications and services, particularly with regard to video content. Consumers with 4G/LTE  tend to use their mobiles more to interact  specially on social media and does it more frequently than laptop or other devices. LTE/4G  starts  encouraging more data intensive sessions with more pictures, video and downloading

March 26, 2015

Projected growth in Global LTE Connections : 2013 to 2018

global LTE growth

LTE networks are forecast to increase to more than 500 networks in 128 countries across the world by 2017

By the end of 2013 there were 256LTE networks commercially available across almost 100 countries across the globe. This is forecast to increase to more than 500 networks in 128 countries across the world by 2017, covering half of the globalpopulation by that date against only one in five today.

June 11, 2014

Monthly Traffic Volume from connected devices in Europe : Smartphone vs Tablet vs Laptop

More operators in Europe are now embracing tablet devices, given the greater prospect for data growth than other data devices. On average, the 4G operators recently surveyed by GSMA Intelligence 10 offered seven tablets in their data devices portfolio. Operators such as A1 Telekom (Austria), Polkomtel (Poland), and Telenor (Sweden) were found to be offering twice the number of tablets they were a year ag


August 19, 2011

The Fastest Mobile Networks in US: 2011 Data

PCMag hit the road to test eight 3G and 4G networks in 21 U.S. cities. Before you buy your next phone or tablet, find out which wireless carrier has the fastest data network where you live.

Total of 16 handsets were used by the PC Mag  Team  shepherded by six drivers to 21 cities, covering more than 6,000 miles. The Phones used by PCMag were

AT&T: Samsung Infuse 4G
Cricket: LG Optimus C
MetroPCS: Samsung Galaxy Indulge
Sprint 3G: HTC EVO 4G
Sprint 4G: HTC EVO 4G
T-Mobile: Samsung Galaxy S 4G
Verizon 3G: Droid Incredible by HTC
Verizon 4G: HTC Thunderbolt
The Results have been summarized Below

AT&T's nationwide 3G network still offers the best balance of speed and performance outside major cities, but the giant carrier is struggling in big cities against Verizon's LTE network and T-Mobile's nimble HSPA+ technology. AT&T is moving to HSPA+ 21 right now and plans to introduce an LTE network this summer, so we could see the carrier's position recover in 2012.

Verizon Wireless
has two very different networks: a slow, but reliable nationwide 3G network and a blazingly fast 4G LTE network with limited coverage. The combination seems to be working out, as Verizon's 4G system swept our Fastest Mobile Networks awards while its 3G voice network got top marks in our Readers' Choice awards for its terrific coverage and call quality.

was the second-fastest network nationwide, and it's continuing to upgrade its speeds all the time. The carrier's existing HSPA+ 21 network is being replaced by HSPA+ 42, which could provide LTE-like speeds. (See our review of the T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 4G Laptop Stick for a first look at HSPA+ 42). Of course, all of this could come to an end if AT&T buys T-Mobile, as the larger company has pledged to shut down T-Mobile's network to use the airwaves for LTE.

Sprint is struggling with speed and consistency, and the partner it relies on for its WiMAX network, Clearwire, has perpetual financial problems. But Sprint has one huge advantage: the nation's only truly unlimited 4G plan, making it the only network that you can use to replace a home Internet connection.

 You can read more about their Test Results here