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November 14, 2015

the end of american retail stores : amazon set to surpass Macy by 2017

" death of american retail stores "
American department  retail stores have never had it so bad.Financial firm Cowen and Company predicts department-store apparel sales will grow a little in the coming years, but Amazon will blow past them to surpass Macy’s as the biggest clothing retailer in the US by 2017.

September 25, 2014

US Companies with the largest solar Power Installations

Statistic: Leading solar power consuming companies in the United States as of August 2013, by installed capacity (in megawatts) | Statista

According to the  list shows the US companies that consumes the highest solar power. Walmart  Costco and Kohl's are among the top 3 who  has the largest solar installation capacity. .consumes the most solar power and latest Transparency Market Research published new Apple's installed solar power capacity reached just under 41 megawatts.