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June 27, 2012

iPads form 11% PC Market, as Tablets goes mainstream

Market | asymco: "In terms of units Windows-based computers made up 78% of all PCs sold in Q1.
This was an increase from the 74% in the previous quarter but a decline from 90% a year ago. 
OS X based computers were about 3.7%, a decline in share both q/q and y/y,
The  above chart shows the composition of vendor volumes with tablet and traditional form factor computers included:"
iOS computers (i.e iPad) were 11% of the market, declining from 13% last quarter but increasing from Q1 ’11′s 4.2% share. Apple reported that the iPad was not at supply/demand balance and thus could have sold more units.
Amazon’s shipments were about 5 million Amazon Fire tablets were sold since the product’s launch.
The third significant tablet vendor was Samsung, which sold about 1.6 million tablets, down sequentially but up y/y. Other Android tablets may have shipped another 5 million units.
Overall, Apple remained the top vendor with 14.6% share, followed by HP with 14.1% and Lenovo in third at 10.7%. Dell just barely managed to beat Acer with 9% vs. 8.9%