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July 25, 2011

UK Mobile OS Marketshare: Symbian leads,Android grows by 634%

Apple has overtaken Symbian over the past year to become the top smartphone platform in the UK with 27.1 percent market share, followed by Google’s Android with 26.7 percent market share and Symbian with 22.5 percent. In May 2011, 42 percent of UK mobile consumers used a smartphone compared to only 27 percent a year ago. 

The Marketshare in UK are as Follows  (data  as on  May,2011)
1)Apple iOS : 27%
2)Android :26.7%
3)Symbian :22.5%

Android has rapidly grown its user base adding nearly 4.7 million new users over the past year, equaling a 634 percent rise. In May 2011, Android was only 0.4 percentage points short of being level with the leading smartphone platform Apple.

Note: ComScore measures how many people have used a smartphone as their primary handset. This data shows a three month average ending in May 2010 vs. May 2011 for users over the age of 13 years.( ComScore data)

The Above  data for UK, Mobile OS is provided by  Statscounter , and shows the marketshare of the top 8 Mobile OS,  is from from July 2010 to July 2011. .
As on  May 2010,  the statscounter global data sample consisted of 16.3 billion hits. The ten countries with the largest individual sample sizes are listed below:
  • 4.0 billion United States
  • 1.2 billion Brazil
  • 782 million United Kingdom
  • 633 million Germany
  • 625 million Thailand
  • 539 million Turkey
  • 477 million Canada
  • 451 million Indonesia
  • 426 million India
  • 395 million China