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November 22, 2016

emerging trends on programmatic buying in mobile advertising:3 insights

As mobile advertising gathers momentum and set to grow at a breathtaking rate, programmatic media buying, which is expected to be a $20 billion industry by the end of 2016, is showing no signs of slowing down.In this research report by Inmobi take a look at emerging trends on media buying across mobile, via programmatic buying .According to the latest research report However 
Programmatic media buying has truly arrived. 75% of marketers surveyed use programmatic for buying smartphone inventory.24% of enterprises that were surveyed  said they had been incorporating programmatic advertising into their strategies for more than 24 months.
While 17% of them plan to do Mobile RTB buying in 2016. Of those not using programmatic, the biggest barriers for adoption are complexity of the ecosystem (58%), skills shortage (42%) and lack of education (33%).
As of  Oct,2016 74% of marketers are now using programmatic for retargeting users, 62% use it for performance marketing and 61% for branding. .This represents a huge opportunity for the industry to build targeting and measurement solutions that deliver greater effectiveness and efficiency for upper-funnel campaigns.

April 27, 2011

2011 Global Mobile Advertising Insights

According to  InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile ad network which serves 31.9 billion monthly mobile advertising impressions to over 220 million consumers,Android global ad impression share has surpassed iPhone OS for the first time. Although iPhone OS and Android both continue to capture share on a global basis, over the last few months Android growth has been increasing and has now surpassed that of iPhone OS.

This research was  revealed its monthly network data analysis findings in its Mobile Insights Report: Global Edition March 2011.

The report highlights that Android smartphones are rapidly becoming a primary gateway to digital content, as the platform provides consumers with many device options, at varying price points – creating a real alternative to the desktop or laptop.
Many households across Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa rely on Android smartphones as the primary platform to consume media instead of a web-based PC.
Global OS Share March 2011

% Global Share
Point Change

Nokia OS

Symbian OS


iPhone OS



February 4, 2011

Mobile Ad Networks Comparison:


Mobile Ad Networks are truly taking off.  The majority of predictions peg the global market at $15 billion by 2015. Mobithinking has created a wonderful  guide to mobile ad networks  which analyses and researches the  Mobile AdNetworks

There are three kinds of networks 1) Blind Networks 2) Premium Blind Networks 3) premium Netrworks

Blind Networks :These ad networks serve a high volume of advertising to an extensive base of mostly independent mobile publishers (mobile sites and applications), supplemented by premium publishers’ unfilled inventoryThe CPC varies with supply and demand, determined through a self-service auction system. The cheapest option is run of network (RON) adverts (i.e. no targeting), which in some countries may start at US$0.01 CPC. Some blind networks also offer brand advertising, on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) model – i.e. you pay X for every 1,000 devices that visit/download the page

  • Adfonic * New: November 2010 *
  • Admoda/Adultmoda * Updated: September 2010 *
  • Mojiva * New: September 2010 *
  • InMobi * Updated: May 2010 *
  • AdMob (Google)
  • BuzzCity
SECTION 2: PREMIUM BLIND NETWORKS :   tend to be medium-sized, with a higher proportion of premium publishers (i.e. big-traffic mobile sites of well-known brands, perhaps newspapers, broadcasters or operator portals)At a premium price you may be able to buy a specific spot on a site of your choice. Costs vary considerably – quotes can be as high as US$20 CPM.Performance  based advertising is also available in these kind of networks – and in some cases, search advertising (based on key words) – paid for by CPC. Some networks offer cost per action/acquisition (CPA) 
  • Millennial Media * Updated: October 2010 *
  • Greystripe * New: October 2010 *
  • Madhouse * Updated: August 2010 *
  • Jumptap * Updated: May 2010 *
SECTION 3: PREMIUM NETWORKS;These kind of networks focus on a limited number of prestige publishers – mobile operators and big-name destinations – for which they are akin to an extension of their direct-sales team. In the case of Nokia and AOL, much of the mobile inventory they sell is on Nokia or AOL sitesCPM will vary wildly from US$5-US$75.
  • Hands
  • Microsoft Mobile Advertising
  • Nokia Interactive Advertising
  • YOC Group