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October 24, 2014

Why Demographically Apple Users are Younger than Androids

iOS users vs Android users : which OS us used by demographically younger audience

iOS App Users Skew Younger than Android Counterparts - comScore, Inc: "OS users skew younger than their Android counterparts across the smartphone and tablet segments. 43 percent of iPhone users are between the ages of 18-34 as compared to 39 percent of Android phone users. In addition, 57 percent of iPad users are under age 45 as compared to 53 percent of Android tablet users." One reason might be that " Apples launch of iPhone happened in 2007 the generation that was growing up due to media proliferation web by then the smartphone revolution has gathered more momentum and speed.. which affected more number of apple devices being sold.. Googles Android gathered critical mass a bit later around 2010,20111..?

July 18, 2014

Face Off :Google Apps vs Microsoft Office 365

According to the latest  Google vs Microsoft  . This is where we stand by today . Gogle Apps an Adzone which (Microsoft is ready to dump in favour of Nokai's Windows S 
Hereis a Face off between these 2 giants
Google Apps vs Microsotf Azure and how they stand right now

June 12, 2014

Mobile Internet in UK to overtake broadband revenues ,led by 90% users moving to mobile web

According to the latest  PwC report on UK Media and Entertainment market Outlook predicts that by 2018,. 50% of the UK population will own a tablet, 73% will own a smartphone and 15.5billion apps per year will be downloaded

Additionally by  2016 mobile Internet revenues will overtake fixed broadband revenues led by the " UK consumers moving over to the mobile web. Mobile Internet subscribers will account for 88.9% of the UK population by 2018
By 2018, 50% of UK will be owing a tablet, with 73% smartphone penetration . This would lead to 15.5billion mobile apps being downloaded.

50% UK to own a tablet. 73% to own smartphone
Global Entertainment & Media Outlook predicts that by 2018,. 50% of the UK population will own a tablet, 73% will own a smartphone and 15.5billion apps per year will be downloaded.

February 23, 2014

Why The PR Role in Your Organization Needs to Go Digital

 In the world of social media and Mobile App , how do you deal with a PR role in a organization. In todays age of technology,Twitter and Smartphones have made the " role of a PR  Guy almost redundant
How can you connect with journalists and News Agencies in the ever increasing noise of technology that seems to dim the voices of the "Traditional PR " and made it almost redundant

 So how do you reinvent the " Digital PR Role in Your Organization .

1)Monitor Google Trends: Any event which you wish to publish, broadcast or decimate needs to go online within 24 hours...  This  happens once the volume of searches are big enough ' to propel your brand  within the first  news searches

2) Use Social Tools To Track: Among many  websites which can track your Presence across the social PR landscape ..Social Mention  is what i use personally  This tool  analyses what consumers are saying about your  brand , bundles them under positive and negative sentiments, gives you the sources from where you are getting your maximum buzz  and helps you the get a holistic view of your brand

3)Use Twitter to Engage and not simply dissemate : Your  Twitter account should be doing much more than merely "manufacturing  drab stories" day after day , week after week. It should be a tool for constant engagement, for example , Video of your CEO explaining a new corporate development, feature your " HR Head on how ' They have launched a new initiative for new trainees ,

4) Use Social, Local and Mobile :  Your Company  has just launched a new product .. and have been getting rave reviews about it ...    can you create a social app, which can be shared across the web,  start a promoted tweet activity  " asking users to share using # Hastags ( with your Brand name ),

5) Incentivize  your "digital PR Channels : What about creating Mobile App... where users can  read the Testimonials or  interact with a video ..or create an app where  users  buying online "via  the website or mobile app are entitled  for a  15% discount for the first 100 online bookings

October 10, 2013

Mobify launches Mobile Optimized Reservation Experience for The Leading Hotels of the World

  Mobile App and Travel Industry

 Mobify Launches  Mobile-Optimized Reservation Across Devices 

The Leading Hotels of the World (LHW) launched a mobile-optimized website,  to improve  user-experience,  and mutiple acess points across devices" which user can  browse and book hotel reservations and accommodations from multi-screen devices,Smartphone users can upgrade a room, use online payment,managing inventory flow besides travel and reservations  and  beside optimizing check-in/out calendars

The website, powered by the leading mobile web platform, Mobify, includes features designed to drive engagement and conversions through mobile-enhanced functionalities and fast load times.  "

Mobify is an open platform that adapts any website for mobile devices, across  today's multi-screen web and is built ont on standard web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  Mobify is used by leading Fortune 500 companies. Globally, one in five smartphone subscribers have accessed a Mobify-powered website.

September 20, 2013

6.5 billion Mobile Paid Apps Downloaded , to reach $22 billion by 2016

Paid mobile apps: number of downloads worldwide 2011-2017

This chart from Garter shows  the  statistics on the number of paid mobile apps downloaded from app stores from 2011 to 2013 in billions. In 2012, approximately 6.65 billion paid apps were downloaded via mobile devices. By 2016, download figures for paid mobile apps are projected to reach 13.49 billion. A forecast is also offered for the years 2014 to 2017!

source :Statista

September 15, 2013

Most Wanted Mobile Apps in US : Top 10 Apps with most downloads

Facebook among the Top Smartphone App in US

Facebook ranks among the Most popular Mobile Apps in US , According to the Company in the U.S. more than 128 million people use its Web site on a daily basis. The company added that it attracts 101 million people in the U.S. to its various mobile applications each day.
Around the world, Facebook attracts 699 million daily active users, the company revealed in its second-quarter earnings statement last month.

June 11, 2013

App Store Downloads Crosses 50billion, more than $10billion paid to developers

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicked off today, and as usual, the keynote began with a bunch of Apple stats.
Before showing a video of the company’s latest retail store opening in Berlin, CEO Tim Cook revealed that a million people went to Apple’s retail stores per day last year. They now have 47 stores around the world in 14 countries. This particular store was opened in a hundred-year-old building.
On the digital side of things, Cook announced that people have downloaded 50 billion apps from the App Store. There are currently 900,000 apps in the store, and 93% of them, he said, are downloaded every month.
 Here are Some interesting App Store Numbers and Data that reveals " How Apple managed to change the Mobile Content Ecosystem

  • There are now 900,000 apps in the app store, with 375,000 of those  optimized for the iPad. 
  • Out of those 900,000 apps, 93% are downloaded every month. That's up from 700,000 apps announced at the September 2012 iPhone 5 event
  • Apple Crossed the 50 billion apps downloaded from the store, in May 2013
  • So far Apple has paid out $10 billion to developers, with $5 billion paid out in the last year alone.
  •  Apple claims that this makes up 74 percent of total app download revenue across all mobile 

March 8, 2013

March 7, 2013

The End of HTC : Story in Charts

CHART OF THE DAY: HTC Revenue Growth - Business Insider: HTC was the first company to ride the Android wave to smashing success. It is also the first company to crash on the Android wave. Here's a look at its revenue growth over the last 16 quarters.

What happened to HTC? Samsung. It released its phones on more carriers and it marketed the heck out of them. HTC was left in the dust.

HTC posted posted a fourth consecutive loss during the third quarter of this year. According to Interbrand, HTC’s brand value has fallen by 24-percent this year, but it remains the number one Taiwanese brand name, beating Acer and Asus. 

In 2013 HTC has a new  Marketing head  to gain back market share and volumes .  HTC has appointed Benjamin Ho as the new head of marketing, who has taken over from Janurary,2013.When he arrives at HTC, his first project will be Marketing 2.0, which according to HTC is designed to “refocus [the company’s] efforts around holistic marketing and mass-market brand outreach.”