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May 22, 2015

japan ranks 6th in mobile commerce readiness index

"japan is ranked 6th in mobile banking "

Japan is ranked 39th out of 60 in the global MasterCard  survery on mobile readiness index Japan leads the world in mobile commerce

.Japan scores particularly well in Financial Services, Mobile Commerce Clusters, and Infrastructure. 
The  Mastercard  Mobile Commerce readiness index  ranks  34 countries, which  in the current Index achieved an average score of 33.2. No market reached a score of 50, which shows that the mobile commerce ecosystem has a lot of catching up  to do across the world

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mobile banking in US to exceed 100million by 2016

Statistic: Number of mobile banking users in the United States from 2009 to 2016 (in millions) | Statista
mobile banking usage in US : Statista

This  chart from statista shows  mobile banking usage and adoption by US consumers. Since 2009 mobile banking usage has grown 2.5 times  From 36million  mobile banking users in 2009..  to  89million in 2014 ..It is estimated that  99 million US users would be using mobile banking by 2015

April 28, 2012

Mobile Banking Adoption to rise 40% to reach half Billion by 2013

Press Release: Mobile Banking Service Adoption to Reach over Half a Billion Users by 2013

A Recent Jupeter Research  Data
Predicts that : "Despite the challenging economic climate , Mobile banking users worldwide will reach 530 million by 2013, up from just over 300 million in 2011. Indeed, Juniper finds that mobile services are becoming a fundamental component of banks' business strategies as they respond to the current financial crisis."

The report found that as banks migrate from traditional bricks-and-mortar approaches and seek competitive differentiation, mBanking offers an opportunity for all banks to improve operational efficiencies and customer retention and acquisition as a cost-effective communication channel.

24/7 Connectivity and Smart Apps

As consumer smartphone adoption becomes more prevalent, as Mobile Banking will gain impetus particularly in Western markets, with consumers seeking tighter control on finances given uncertain economic conditions. The research predicts that  Financial Institutions are anticipating consumer demand by driven by developing native smartphone and tablet applications for iPhones, iPads and Android devices. 

However, the report cautions that the most successful deployments adopt a triple-play solution utilising not only apps, but SMS and Browser-based delivery channels.Redemption values will exceed $43bn globally by 2016, driven by better targeting and mobile apps.

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May 29, 2011

Smartphone Mobile Banking in EU records 40% Growth

A recent Comscore market study indicates that 20 million mobile users across the five leading European markets (UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy), representing 8.5 percent of mobile subscribers in these markets, accessed their bank account via a mobile phone in March 2011

According to ComScore Smartphone users accounted for nearly 70 percent of mobile banking users in the EU5 region (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).

Apple users exhibited the highest relative usage of mobile banking (index of 393) and accounted for 27.5 percent of all mobile banking users in the region. Apple’s 5.5 million mobile bankers are followed by users of Google’s Android software (index of 245), the latter accounting for 2.7 million of all mobile bankers in EU5.
Symbian, still the 2nd largest smartphone platform in Europe, accounted 3.3 million users of the service, but due to the overall high number of smartphones running on Symbian this resulted in the lowest index with a representation of 110.

Smartphone Mobile Banking By Countries :
French Users are The  Most Avid Mobile Bankers
During the 3 month period ending March 2011, France recorded the  highest penetration of mobile bankers in EU5 with 10.3 percent of consumers accessing bank accounts through their mobile phones.

Spain ranked a close second with 10.2 percent penetration.

Germany, which is the largest smartphone market in Europe, had the lowest penetration of mobile banking users with 6.8 percent accessing their bank accounts.

In the EU5 region, 8.5 percent of mobile subscribers overall accessed mobile banking, whilst 5.1 percent accessed credit cards and 5.2 percent accessed electronic payments via their mobile device.
UK mobile phone owners were the most conservative with regards to accessing credit card accounts and only 3.9 percent of the mobile population used the service in March 2011. On the other hand, mobile banking reached 8.6 percent of the total UK mobile market, making it the third largest market for mobile banking in Europe.