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June 23, 2011

Mobile Browsers Marketshare in Mexico

Mobile Browser Marketshare for  The last one year in Mexico

This graph  based on the data from Statscounter , from June, 2010 to June 2011, clearly shows  its a market  that has been dominated by Opera, and whats more remarkable that Opera's growth  of almost  33% has come in a span of  less than  180 days (  6 months ). From a marketshare of 10% in  January, 2011 it has  jumped by 4 times ( 400% growth) to reach 42% in May, 2011. However the decline of its growth in June has also been remarkably fast..June has seen  Opera 's  share of Mobile browsers  reduce by almost 60%.Opera's Mobile Browser marketshare dropped  from 42% to  26%  in less than 30 days.. if anyone knows  why there has been a sudden reversal of fortunes for Opera in Mexico , please let us know.

Among the other Mobile Browsers, Android has been growing  steadily  and presently( June 2011  data)  has around 10% Marketshare. iphone  has lost almost 50% marketshare with  from approx 16% in June 2010  to 7%  in June 2011.Blackberry and Nokia continue to loose marketshare. 2011 has seen both ofthem loose  their clout in these markets.

May 2, 2011

15 Years of Mobile Marketing :Infographic

evolution mobile operating systems

Infographic by [x]cubelabs

According to Mobilestorm : a decade of Mobile " report Social media and mobile continue to converge in a big way. According to a recent study by Ruder Finn4, the mobile phone is becoming the primary means for consumers to utilize social networking (91%), surpassing the desktop (79%) in terms of usage. From a marketing perspective, brands can “listen in” on the conversation happening around their brand and utilize the information to tailor outbound messaging accordingly, making it more relevant and thus more successful.
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