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June 24, 2012

Devices driving Internet Usages: Mobile Trail Smartphones by 50%

Mobile  Hardware Vendors Marlet Share during Dec,2011  Data  

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Mobile vs. Desktop Market Share

The advent of increasingly versatile mobile devices has given consumers a wider range of options with which to access the Internet. The rise of smartphones and tablets are slowly changing the face of Web market share. In our latest live tracker, Chitika Insights is measuring just how these methods of Internet access are changing, by examining traffic share among smartphone, tablet, and PC users.
In the first pie chart, we look at Web traffic market share broken down by different types of devices – desktops, smartphones, and tablets.
  • With tablets at 5.8% and smartphones at 13.1%, current traffic data indicates that mobile devices comprise more than 18% of all Web traffic. Desktops make up the remainder of Internet activity, at 81.2%.
  • Current traffic data also shows a rise in mobile traffic from over one year ago. In the summer of 2011, mobile devices made up only 8% of Web traffic. As mobile adoption increases, the erosion of desktop market share is likely to continue.

March 26, 2011

Consumer Mobile Insights on Retail : Top 3 Trends

Text Coupons Most Popular

Text coupons lead both in terms of current engagement (25%) and planned engagement in the next 12 months (47%). text coupons lead both in terms of current engagement (25%) and planned engagement in the next 12 months (47%). 

4 in 10 Retailers Support Store Associate Blackberry Platform

85% of US retailers support consumer use of the iPhone/iPod platform, and 88% plan to do so in the future. 55% users supports  the iPad platform.

35% of smartphone users have received and/or redeemed a coupon they have received via text message.

41% have checked competitive prices on their smartphones while in a retail store either with Amazon, Red Laser, or other comparison engine.

The other two retail-related consumer mobile activities currently used by more than 20% of mobile phone subscribers are regular barcode (22%) and 2D barcode (21%). Coupons on mobile screen only have 16% current engagement, but 38% planned engagement within the next 12 months, second only to text coupons in this category.

iPhone/iPod Most Supported Consumer Mobile Platform

iPhone/iPod and Windows Mobile platforms are tied for second place with 42% current support. However, 67% of retailers plan future iPhone/iPod support, while only 41% plan future Windows Mobile support, implying a small number of retailers currently supporting employee use of Windows Mobile devices plan to end it.

Android only has 26% current support, but comparatively high 41% planned future support. Windows CE/7 also has 26% current support, but similar to Windows Mobile planned future support for this platform dips to 22%.

52% of smartphone users in the study have paid for an additional application.
65% use their smartphone to update Facebook.

Consumer Mobile Insights On Retail You can  check out the entire research on Mobile Insights on Retail  conducted by IHL Retail and Verizon below
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