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February 22, 2012

Smartphone Usage in China grow 104%,Mobile App downloads grow 112%

As compared  to 2010, Q3 data, Smartphone increase in  China have exploded by more than 100%, with Mobile Web and App Downloads saw a growth of 82% and 112% respectively

Apple and HTC control about 53% of Chinese Smartphone Market  in q3,2011 as compared  to  2010, Q3 data, .Samssung with 16% marketshare and Motorola with 9.8% was third and forth respectively, with Nokia taking a poor 7.5% of the smartphone handsets sold in China during that quarter

iPhone's iOS  ( which has moved down to 5th Place in Q4, was ranked 2nd  with  Mobile OS  ranked player in the smartphone market  garnering a  29% share  in Mobile OS usage,   while Android was the no 1 ranked smartphone OS in Chinese market, according to Inmobi data

The Top 10 Manufacturer's share in Chinese Smartphone market was led by iPhone and HTC Desire S ,with Apple iPad  taking the 3rd place , while iPhone 4 showed a decline of 3% in Q3,2011 as compared to Q2,2011, the ipad too  decline as its share decreased from 9.8% compared to 7.8% in Q2,2011. ( decline of 2%)  according to Inmobi Data