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September 21, 2014

Mobile Web Traffic vs PC Web Traffic in Europe: UK, Ireland and Russia Tops

Share of browser-based pageviews: ComScore
PC pageviewsMobile pageviewsTablet pageviews
United Kingdom68.1%24.0%6.8%
Russian Federation74.8%21.7%3.4%
Source: © ComScore (March 2013)via: © mobiThinking

According to the latest  report from Comscore  , UK ranks number 1  in downstream  mobile web traffic in  entire Europe with  24%  Mobile web traffic as  compared to  68% PC web traffic 
Ireland  and Russia ranks no 2 and 3 with  22% Mobile web traffic 
Norway, Netherlands and Switzerland ranks 4th, 5th and 6th  with Mobile traffic  forming 5 to 8%  as compared to  86% PC web traffic
Germany ranks at the bottom with 5% Mobile traffic as compared to 90% PC web traffic

15 African Nations where web traffic from mobile exceeds PC/Desktop

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Platform Comparison Market Share
The List of  15  African nations where Internet Traffic from mobile web exceeds that of PC/Desktop. The data reflects  the percentage  of web views that  that originates from the Mobile Phones  Tablets are not included (for most countries tablet share is remains low). 

  1.  Papua New Guinea (87.13 percent of Webpage views from mobile phones) 
  2. Congo (82.91 percent) • 
  3. Chad (80.94 percent) 
  4.  Niger (77.54 percent) 
  5.  Sierra Leone (77.41 percent) • 
  6. Tanzania (76.83 percent) • 
  7. Kenya (74.42 percent) •
  8.  Sudan (74.18 percent) 
  9.  Bangladesh (72.56 percent) 
  10.  Mali (72.12 percent) 
  11.  Zambia (70.31 percent)
  12.  Mozambique (69.35 percent) 
  13.  Malawi (69.15 percent) •
  14. Nigeria (68.83 percent
  15.   Uganda (56.68 percent)

Web Traffic From Mobile web exceeds PC +Desktop traffic in 40 countries

40 nations see Mobile web  traffic exceed that of PC and  desktop
source ; Statscounter

Internet traffic from Mobile web has exceeded that of PC and desktop usage in about 40 countries . If you add Tablet numbers + Mobile number that increases to 48 nations .
Among the 40 nations where traffic from mobile 3 nations are a part of the 100million subscribers club. These include India (797million ) Nigeria 130million and Bangladesh 117million. Together these 3 nations add up t 70% webpage However it might take a while before Mobile web  traffic  exceeds Desktop views in all nations .Worldwide desktop access still accounts for 64.6 percent of Webpage views, but the mobile phone’s share has grown massively from 17.1 percent in 2013 to 28.5 percent in 2014 

September 19, 2014

33% of Alibaba's Gross Merchandise sales, comes from Mobile

Statistic: Mobile share of Alibaba's gross merchandise volume from 2nd quarter 2012 to 2nd quarter 2014 | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

Alibaba's fastest growing revenue by media has been mobile. Increasing penetration of mobile web has led to an unprecedented explosion in mobile commerce. As of 2014, Q2, Alibaba's mobile share of gross merchandise by volumes has seen grow by 8 times  from 4.6% to 32.8%Chinese retail eCommerce sales is projected to  grow more than 60% this year,.Meanwhile a  June 2014 survey by GroupM found that nearly three-quarters of digital buyers said they preferred shopping online to shopping in traditional retail outlets. -

September 15, 2014

The Road to 1bllion Facebook users,first 500m reached in 36months, 2nd in 24months

Find more statistics at Statista
Statistic: Number of mobile monthly active Facebook users worldwide from 1st quarter 2009 to 2nd quarter 2014 (in millions) | Statista
Acording to Statistas of the first quarter of 2014, the social network had more than one billion mobile MAU.By the 2nd Quarter it was 1.23billion. This  represents a 250 million mobile user growth in since the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Active users are those which have logged in to Facebook during the last 30 days. The adoption of Mobile access in Facebook started in 2009 and reached  488million by 2012 ( 3 years) While the next 500million was reached in 2 years ( 2012Q2 to 2014 Q2)

this means it took 36 months to reach 500million as compared to 24 months to reach the next 500million

30% of Facebook's 1.32billion users access it via mobile

Facebook 10years of unfettered growth

The biggest social network on earth has just crossed 1.32billion users in June 2014.

  1. Facebook had 1.32 billion active users at the end of June, up 14 percent from a year earlier. 
  2. On average, 829 million people used Facebook every day in June, up 19% during the same time last year
  3. The number of people who log in at least once a day on mobile devices was 654 million  which is 14% higher compared to same time last year 
  4.  Facebook's founder Mark Zuckerberg personal wealth at  29 years has increased to $19bn as of September 2013,
  5.  Facebook's revenue jumped 61 % to $2.91billion in Q2,2014 from $1.81 billion in the same quarter a year ago., 
  6. While its ad revenue grew 67% to $2.68 , Its  mobile revenue was $1.66billion which was  62% of Facebooks total ad revenue 

September 9, 2014

By 2016 mobile video data will equal billion DVDs, for 7.3billion citizens across the world

4g and 3g networks driving mobile video
mobile video grew 114 milion up from 18% compared to 2013

  • According.The mobile video explosion  has become mainstream. Powered by increasing broadband speeds, 3 and 4G technology, the rate at mobile video adaption has zoomed in the second quarter grew to 114.4 million -- up 18% from 97 million in the year-earlier period.
  •  According to the latest Nielsen cross-platform report. The amount of time spent viewing video on phones increased as well to an average of one hour, 41 minutes a month in the quarter, from 1:09 a year ago.
  • This Figure is dwarfed by the average time Americans spent watching traditional TV, at 142:38 per month, down slightly from 146:37 a year ago
  • . One reason why marketers and brand are opening upto Mobile Video is due to the fact that it  appeals and cuts across all age group
  • Bby 2016 mobile data will amount to 130 exabytes annually, 18 times current levels. That data figure is roughly the amount of data on 33 billion DVDs, or 813 quadrillion text messages.The United Nations figures that by 2016 there will be 7.3 billion people on Earth.

July 27, 2014

East Asian markets cross 28% mobile broadband connectivity , Internet users jump 48%

East Asian Digital Indicators: Mobile vs social vs mobile
East asian markets see 92% moble user growth,as online penetration reached 48% penetration

According to the latest report from wearesocials latest 2014 data shows East Asian mobile broadband penetration at 28% ( as a percentage of the market size across east asia)

Here are the Highlights

  1.  Mobile broadband subscriptions by numbers :million Social media usage across mobile devices by numbers : million
  2.  Active Internet Connections by numbers : 756,093,363 which was about 46% Internet users spread across across 56% urban centres 
  3. In 2014 the Internet users across east asian market grew by 48%, as social media users increased by 43%, and the biggest increase was 
  4. Mobile penetration  showed the biggest growth as it zoomed by  astonishing 92%

June 12, 2014

Mobile Internet in UK to overtake broadband revenues ,led by 90% users moving to mobile web

According to the latest  PwC report on UK Media and Entertainment market Outlook predicts that by 2018,. 50% of the UK population will own a tablet, 73% will own a smartphone and 15.5billion apps per year will be downloaded

Additionally by  2016 mobile Internet revenues will overtake fixed broadband revenues led by the " UK consumers moving over to the mobile web. Mobile Internet subscribers will account for 88.9% of the UK population by 2018
By 2018, 50% of UK will be owing a tablet, with 73% smartphone penetration . This would lead to 15.5billion mobile apps being downloaded.

50% UK to own a tablet. 73% to own smartphone
Global Entertainment & Media Outlook predicts that by 2018,. 50% of the UK population will own a tablet, 73% will own a smartphone and 15.5billion apps per year will be downloaded.

40% Hispanic Millenialls living in US are mobile internet users

mobile internet users among hispanic users
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 53.3 million people – nearly one in six U.S. residents – are Hispanic. By 2060, this demographic segment is expected to more than double and make up approximately one third of those living in the United States. As this demographic shift , one of the most " revealing insights among Hispanics has to do with their " digital  usage " and online consumption patterns
.As per comscore report Around 21% of Hispanics, who use digital media  are mobile-only, compared to just 9 percent among Non-Hispanics. This behavior is even more prevalent among young Hispanic Millennials, of whom an astounding 40% are mobile-only internet user

June 11, 2014

Mobile Broadband Subscriptions by geographical region



According to the latest ICT Telecom report  the Mobile-broadband penetration levels as of 2014 are highest in Europe (64%) and the Americas (59%), followed by the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) (49%), the Arab States (25%), Asia-Pacific (23%) and Africa (19%).

Sub Saharan Region is the world next biggest mobile Goldmine,mobile web to see 20 times growth

Recent  research report published by Ericsson  on the state of mobile market in sub saharan region showed many suprises. It  clearly shows that Sub-Saharan Africa is currently undergoing a mobile digital revolution with consumers, networks and even media companies wakening up the possibilities of 3G and 4G technology   with the growth of mobile web, digital traffic  has recorded a 100% increase over the last 12 months.

 Most African users go  mobiles for online activities to  overcome a weak or non existent Internet  /landlines infrastructure across  large swaths of the world's poorest continent

However make no mistake about this ..Africa is where the next  mobile gold mine lies . and its claim to be the Mobile Continent is  increasingly becoming a possibility  with researchers predicting a  20-fold  increase in the "Mobile Web" in the next 5 years, which  is  200% higher (double the rate of growth in the rest of the world. ) than other nations 

Recent Data released by Ericsson   forecasts that there will be more than 635m mobile subscriptions in sub-Saharan Africa ( the pdf below explains how this will be happening ). This is predicted to rise, to about million  by late 2019, when it is estimated that three in four mobile subscriptions will be exclusive for mobile web.

April 18, 2014

Why 87% Twitter Users do not tweet more than once

According to data published by Twitter analytics firm Twopcharts, Twitter may have a stickiness problem. According to the data there is a large discrepancy betw

According to data published by Twitter analytic s firm Twopcharts, Twitters engagement is woefully low .. and user  stickiness is a bigger challenge Tweeter has been facing for quite some time now  According to the data there is a large discrepancy between  the number of accounts created and the number of accounts that actually remain active. 

Of the 284 million accounts created in 2013, only 37 million (12.9%) were still actively tweeting in February 2014. On the other hand, of the 4 million accounts created in 2008, 1 million were still tweeting in February 2013, indicating that early Twitter adopters are more likely to stick with the service

For the uninitiated  284 million accounts can have been created last year when Twitter only has 241 monthly active users: According to Twopcharts, there are around 980 million Twitter accounts, of which only a small fraction is actually active.

April 14, 2014

Impact of Multiple Screen Devices and How this will change Content Consumption Patterns

From smartphones and tablets to laptops and television, 90% of all media interactions today are screen-based. Today 90% of our media consumption occurs in front of a screen. As consumers balance their time between smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions, they are learning to use these devices together to achieve their goals. The below presentation " based on a Google Study shows how this can cause distruption in content consumption patterns

February 13, 2014

October 28, 2013

Mobile Video App Faceoff : Vine vs Instagram

Vine Plays Catch-Up To Instagram With New Features – ReadWrite: "Vine, the Twitter-owned microvideo service, updated its iOS app and narrowed its feature gap with Instagram video. A new "sessions" feature allows users can save any six-second video post and return to it later; another, which Vine calls "time travel," lets users remove, reorganize or replace video clips.

Instagram vs Vine Faceoff

October 25, 2013

How Social and Mobile is Reshaping TV Usage

A recent MarketingCharts analysis of Nielsen data found slightly declining rates of traditional TV consumption among youth, with steadier rates among older Americans. But as TV increasingly becomes part of a multi-screen experience, how many viewers are multitasking? New survey results from Deloitte indicate that 81% of Americans almost always or always engage in another activity while watching their home TV, with that figure rising to a high of 88% among 24-29-year-olds.

Meanwhile according to Nielsen  data, it reported that it had found a correlation between Twitter buzz and TV ratings. Significant numbers of consumers around the world are indeed using their mobile devices to discuss TV programs on social networks as they watch them, even if Americans appear to be behind the curve in that regard.