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August 3, 2011

Developers Preferences Of Mobile Platform : Top 3 Trends

Android and iOS have further solidified their top two positions in the Mindshare Index, and are now established in a league of their own in terms of both developer ecosystem and user base. Apple’s iOS stands at over 350,000 apps and 110 million devices sold, while Android stands at over 200,000 apps and 110 million devices sold, as of Q1 2011.

Nokia’s Symbian – once the unquestioned king of mobile platforms, having been deployed in over 500 million devices as of Q1, 2011 – is now officially being phased out, while Nokia’s quarterly smartphone sales volumes have for the first time fallen behind Android. 

Developers who took part  in the  Vision Mobile survey use on average 3.2 platforms concurrently based on a  sample of 850+ online respondents. This represents a 15% increase from last year’s figures, indicating developers are more willing to experiment with new platforms

Key Insights and Statistics On Mobile Developers Mindshare

Mobile web as a platform has seen an impressive upturn in usage over the last year, and is now in third position in the Developer Mindshare Index. The popularity of mobile web as a platform is driven by four factors:

1. Mobile web is the primary choice for cross-platform development and for addressing
the long tail of device models beyond iPhone and Android.

2. Segments of web developers familiar with HTML and JavaScript development are being attracted to develop for mobile devices.

3.Companies across industry verticals – from brands to banks – who are extending their digital strategies into mobile apps are using the mobile web as a low-cost, mass reach platform

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