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July 2, 2012

Mobile Paid search grow 333% 14% Search Budgets goes Mobile

In Q2 market share shifted back towards Google holding 79.1% of share compared to Yahoo!/Bing with 20.9%.Yahoo!/Bing increased search ad spend by 32.9% YoY, which tops Google’s 11.4% growth.

US Paid Search Spend Growth Slows in Q2; Mobile Keeps Rolling
: "US paid search spending grew 15.5% year-over-year in Q2, representing a slowdown from Q1’s 30.3% growth rate, per a June report from IgnitionOne. Despite the overall pace settling back, mobile paid search continued to grow at breakneck speed, with a dramatic 333% increase year-over-year, following a 221% rise in Q1.

Mobile accounted for 14% of total US search budgets in Q2, up from 12.3% in the previous quarter. Mobile’s growing importance was similarly seen in a Performics report in May: the company continues to find mobile taking up a larger share of budgets among its aggregated client base.

CPCs Show Slight Growth
Data from IgnitionOne’s Q2 report indicates that total cost per click (CPCs) rose 2.1% in Q2, after increasing 0.9% in Q1. Google CPCs continued to fall, down 3.1%, which the report attributes to increasing reliance on mobile’s cheaper CPCs, as well as increasing use of new formats which are typically lower PPC clicks. By contrast, Yahoo!/Bing saw a significant 24.3% rise in CPCs."

March 16, 2012

Mobile Advertising Spends : Apps vs Verticals

In 2011, nine verticals experienced triple digit growth year-over-year(Chart B). Health: Fitness Wellness has not been on the Top 10 Global Advertising Vertical ranking to date, yet experienced growth of229% year-over-year (Chart B).
Finance was the number one vertical on the Top 10 Global Advertising Vertical ranking (Chart A). Finance campaign spending grew 314% year-over-year (Chart B). In 2011, Banking advertisers utilized mobile to create awareness campaigns and drive customers into their branch locations while insurance and credit card brands heavily utilized mobile for generating leads.
Entertainment experienced a 133% increase year-over-year (Chart B) and ranked in the number three spot on the Top 10 GlobalAdvertising Vertical ranking (Chart A). In 2011, advertisers in theEntertainment vertical leveraged mobile to create awareness of newmotion picture and DVD releases. They also drove downloads ofbranded applications, which allowed customers to watch premiumtelevision content on-the-go
source : MillinialMedia