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November 4, 2015

comparison features of HTC One M9+ vs Xiaomi Mi 4C

comparison features of HTC One M9+ vs Xiaomi Mi 4C Both phones have above average cameras. Their primary cameras are both at least 8 megapixels, which is a good baseline for capturing high quality images. These phones can record high definition (HD) video in 1080p or better, which is standard in most modern models.

The One M9+ can record video in 4K Ultra HD, while the Mi 4C supports recording up to 1080p, a lower resolution. While 4K is a significantly higher resolution, it requires much more storage space than other levels of video quality.

November 2, 2015

top 5 most reviewed smartphones on the web

Among the smartphone brand with most reviews  is the Samsung  Galaxy S6 Active . With a  advertised talk time of 23 hours, (longer than 9 hours which the average of phones released in the past year claims). This phone can hold 3,500 mAh, a massive battery capacity for a smartphone released in 2015
.LG G4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung galaxy S 6 has had a unique distinction of having been been reviewed the most  online , across the smartphones category. Not to be outdone Samsung other products Samsung Galaxy s 6 edge continues to dominate in the top 10 global smartphone most rated and reviewed brands. 

In fact out of the 10 most reviewed smartphone companies, Samsung brands   occupies 7 slot ,while  leaving the other 3 for LG and iPhone . In fact so complete has been Samsung's smartphone dominance that Apple's iPhone 6S and 6S + is relegated at the 5th and 6th position in terms of online ratings and reviews across forums, blogs and social web sites 

October 31, 2015

October 29, 2015

:mobile broadband subscriptions vs fastest mobile broadband speeds

mobile broadband subscribers vs speeds"

comparison of nations :Mobile broadband penetration vs mobile broadband speeds

In terms of mobile broadband penetration Europe and America tops mobile broadband subscriptions, followed by CIS nations, Asia pacific and  Middle east. The Europeans amd Americas have an average of 75-77% mobile broadband penetration

In terms of mobile broadband speeds, Akamai's latest report  confirms that  UK now has an average mobile connection speed of 20.4Mbps, a huge 28 percent increase on the previous quarter. The average UK speed is twice that of second-placed Denmark, which has a 10Mbps average, while other leading nations such as Germany (5.7Mbps), the US (4Mbps) and even South Korea (8.8Mbps) lag some way behind.
The UK can also boast that more than 95 percent of all mobile connections are over 4Mbps, which is twice as fast as the 2Mbps stipulated by the last government as the basic speed needed for fixed broadband services.

Mobile Payment company Square gets a scare before its IPO

These are the top 10 highest paid jobs
Infographic: The Numbers Behind Square's Payment Business | Statista
via Statista

Jack Dorsey’s challenge to raise money for his mobile payment business just make harder.

Squares q3,2015 loss (third-quarter )was $53.9 million — the largest quarterly loss since at least the fourth quarter of 2013, which is the furthest back the company disclosed Monday in its amended regulatory filing to go public.

Square 's Q3 financials showed a $53.9 million net loss on $332.2 million in revenue. Those figures represent slower revenue growth and faster loss growth than in the year-earlier period However Square rides on a business model that seems to be Robust as it enables merchants to process card payments on smartphones and tablets, offering both the hardware and the software necessary to do so. In 2014, the company processed payments worth $23.8 billion, generating revenue of $850 million.

October 12, 2015

List of 10 iphone component suppliers which gets over 70% revenue from Apple

Apple's driving enormous profits for its suppliers. Apple outsources almost all its internal components and devices used for the manufacturing of its iphone from RAM,screens and power amplifiers.The below chart shows the list of top 10 Suppliers who gets its highest business from Apple.
s " list of apple suppliers for manufacturing the iphones"
These are the top device suppliers which helps apple makes its iphones The latest supplier to come on board include Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the chip foundry that Apple is using to make processors that have long been provided by Samsung Electronics With the notable exception of the A5 processor, most of the components used to make the iPhone are also manufactured overseas, For component suppliers Apple is a huge catch as they vie together in a fiercely competitive market to get business from Apple.With $171 billion in sales in its last fiscal year -- on par with the gross domestic product of Vietnam -Apple plays kingmaker by picking who provides semiconductors, graphics processors and other parts, helping to determine the fate of companies from California to China.

October 3, 2015

The LG V10 smartphone with two front cameras launched

"The  LG V10 smartphone with two front cameras launched"
LG introduced the newest addition to its flagship smartphone series with the LG V10. 

The new LG V10  has some great features as a dual screen and two front cameras. With it, the company unveiled a new version of the Watch Urbane. Though not the first smartwatch to have this feature, the LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition is the first Android Wear watch to include cellular connectivity and LTE.
The LG V10 stands out due to its richer multimedia experience than what’s possible on other smartphones in today’s market. And from its innovative new Second Screen feature to manual video recording mode, is one of the best features which no smartphone can boast of today.

July 22, 2015

These are top 10 most attractive sectors where UK investors are funding the most

"These are top 10 most attractive sectors  where UK  investors are funding the most"

The data shows  the list of most attractive business domains  in UK where investors and VC funds houses are looking to  invest on and the categories where  UK investors are pumping in more money and funding

According to angel list London’s investors have evinced interest on an average of 13 market tags each and are most interested in the large general markets
However in terms of VC funding these are the most attractive sectors

  1. Mobile (404), 
  2. Consumer Internet (367), 
  3. Enterprise Software (266) 
  4. E-Commerce (215). The most popular markets for London’s investors: your post or banner displayed here for $10 a day .Click here to know more

July 16, 2015

global mobile messenger marketshare whatsapp vs facebook

" global marketshare for mobile messenger service"

The above chart shows which mobile messenger has the largest marketshare across the world as of 2015.Whatspp leads with 800million users followed by Facebook Messenger with 600million monthly active users

July 14, 2015

African smartphone users to exceed 100 million by year end

" African smartphone users are now 160million and rising'

The above chart  shows the spectacular rise of smartphones in Africa. Smartphones in Africa are now 100 million and counting. The transition from feature phones to smartphones have been dramatic and this chart from quartz shows the evolution of that change .

which products of microsoft is giving its biggest revenues :

which products of microsoft is giving its biggest revenues :"

which products of microsoft are selling the most"

The above chart  compares Microsoft's revenues from its 13 segments against  its product sales  from Lumia phones , Non Lumia phones and Xbox consoles .The 1st chart clearly shows how " windows "sales  were  its main source of revenue till 2012, after which  devices and consumer licensing along with gaming and entertainment contributed significantly to its revenues. The second chart compares Microsoft's product sales from Lumia  and non Lumia phones including Xbox

July 13, 2015

iPhone shipments vs iphone revenue:2007 onwards

Annual smartphone shipmengs : apple vs others"

" iphone  revenue chart "

Apple iPhone Shipments vs Revenue : 

The iPhone revenues have been growing consistently since 2007 onwards and has been the best selling Apple products with 400% growth .Similarly iPhone shipments have hit the roof in the last 3 years with a huge uptake and  in volumes  almost touching 1.25billion

10 years of smartphone sales : Apple, Android and Nokia

how  nokia countered android and apple

This chart compares Nokia  against  the booming android growth and the growth of Apple smartphones since 2007 . However Nokia was  already faltering as samsung came out with its mind blowing products..and the declining share of RIM and adoption of Android  OS standard all but killed the brand

July 12, 2015

Microsoft and Nokia Deal Buzz :Timeline

" what is google looking  to do with nokia,
Less than  18 months  after Microsoft completed the acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone division for $9.4 billion, the company announced a new plan to restructure its phone hardware business. The plan that involves a massive $7.6 billion write-down and the layoff of up to 7,800 employees is all but a failure so it seems .
as Microsoft still hasn’t managed to gain traction in the smartphone industry. 
Looking at today’s chart, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that buying Nokia turned out to be flop. The former market leader was already in steep decline, when Microsoft decided to shell out $9.4 bil

July 11, 2015

5G Mobile services to be rolled by by ZTE as early as 2017

" 5G mobile services to be launched by 2017"
5 G launch in Japan is all set to roll out.ZTE has said that it has struck a deal with SoftBank to deploy its 'pre-5G' technology in Japan, with a commercial trial to begin early next year. ZTE has touted its 'pre-5G' technology as providing faster speeds on 4G network.

According to ZTE ,5G is  the next generation of networks that the wireless industry is hoping to have up and running by 2020.Globally, the company plans to invest 200 million euros ($220 million) in 5G and mobile communication technologies between 2015 to 2018.

Meanwhile South Korea, the world’s most mobile savvy nation  which boasts as being the nation with fastest mobile download speeds are quite enthusiastic about rolling out the 5G mobile technology as early as 2017

Although its early to predict how  fast will the 5G mobile services run,during a test run of 5G when Samsung announced in 2013 it was testing 5G at 1Gbps, journalists excitedly reported that a high-definition movie could be downloaded in less than half a minute. A speed of 800Gbps would equate to downloading 33 HD films - in a single second.

Huawei,Qualcomm and ZTE takes top 3 spot in International patent filings

Chinese giants  Huawei, Qualcomm and ZTE claims the top 3 spot in international Patent Filings"

Chinese giants  Huawei, Qualcomm and ZTE claims the top 3 spot in international Patent Filings

In an indication of " how chinese manufacturing" is trying to get a foothold in the US market,Chinese companies claimed the top 3 spot in international patent filings in US. Chinese telecom giant Huawei Technologies Co Ltd became the world's No. 1 applicant for international patents in 2014.  Another chinese giant , the  San Diego-based chipmaker Qualcomm Inc was no 2. Meanwhile Huawei's rival ZTE Corp, which was the world's leading applicant in 2012, t was ranked no 3 according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

5 charts that explain why the digital divide is shrinking

" 5 charts that show  the  shrinking of digital divide "

broadband access and mobile usage in developing vs developed nations:

 Chart of the day:  Key statistics that show how the digital divide across the world has been shrinking

 The last 15 years has been remarkable in terms of technological advance. Internet access and mobility  has penetrated vast land masses which did not exist 15 years ago.While Fixed broadband in areas around middle east and north Africa has  failed to grow above 1%, however these nations have made better  progress when it comes to mobile broadband . As of 2015 African mobile broadband penetration levels is lower that 20%

  • By end 2014, fixed-broadband penetration will have reached almost 10 per cent globally 
  • By 2015, 34% of developing nations have  Internet  access compared to 80% across developed nations
  • Forty-four per cent of all fixed-broadband subscriptions are in Asia and the Pacific, and 25 per cent are in Europe.
  • Across the LCD ( Least developed countries ) a mere 7% have internet access compared to world average of 46%
  • one of of every 5  uses the internet compared to 2 out of 5 in Asia and pacific reasons and 3 out of 5 across  CIS

July 10, 2015

Microsoft to layoff 7,800 as a result of restructuring its mobile business

" microsoft to layoff 7800 employees at its mobile division"
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Microsoft is on a layoff path once again as it tries to restructure and refocus on its mobile business that will lead to “up to” 7,800 job cuts, “primarily in the phone business,” and plans to “restructure the company’s phone hardware business to focus and align resources.”Microsoft meanwhile is set to launch its latest OS by July end, and it knows that " as a company it need react quickly if it needs to " compete against the runaway success of Android Microsoft recently merged its software and hardware divisions, a move designed to create a greater synergy between its hardware and software (Windows).

July 9, 2015

15 years of the ICT ( Internet Communication and Technology) Revolution : 2000-2015

" last 15 years has seen 7 fold jump in internet connections across the world"

The last 15 years has seen  a seven times jump  in the internet penetration  across the world . Increase of mobile telephony, faster broadband access and globally cheap prices of  mobiles enabled the digital penetration across the world to rise .Quite significantly between 2000-2015, global Internet penetration grew 7 fold from 6.5% to 43%