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November 2, 2015

Thinnest Smartphone Manufacturers : 10 slimmest mobile phones

For Apple and specially for late Steve Jobs, having the slimmest smartphone was an obsession, and Apple it has continued his dream of  the  iPhone"being the slimmest mobile device handset in the market and it makes it right at the top as the slimmest smartphone with a  mere 7.09 mm.

The 10 slimmest mobile handsets in the market  from thinnest to thickest today are iPhone,Huawei, Samsung, Sony,Meizu,HTC ,BQ,ZTE,Blackberry,OnePlus,Xiaomi, Nokia,LG and Motorola

10  Thinnest  Smartphones Manufacturers: 

While iPhone is the undisputed no 1 being the slimmest mobile device,it  does have a lot of competitors racing in to take that coveted spot . Closely following Apple's flagship iPhone is Huawei which  is  7.69 mm thin, while Samsung with 7.89 mm takes the  3rd rank

Meanwhile at 9.62 mm LG ranks at the bottom of the list .On the thicker side,feather-light manufacturer Motorola—counter-intuitively—also makes the thickest device

This is likely yet another consequence of releasing more small-screen phones, on average, than competitors. A smaller display often means less room to squeeze in a battery, and as a result, the need for thicker internals.

July 15, 2015

3 smartwatches compared :Pebble vs vs Apple smartwatch vs Moto 360

Smartwatches | SpecOut

This data shows the state of  wearables industry and compares the 3 smartwatches with their features  which are 1) Pebble steel 2)Apple smartwatch and Motorola Moto 360

July 12, 2015

top 10 most expensive companies google acquired

Which Companies acquired by google were most expensive ?  This chart takes a look at the top 10 most costly acquisitions by Google
" which are the most expensive top 10 companies bought by google:

Google's top 10 Most Expensive  Buyouts 

The above chart from statistic shows the selected  top 10 most expensive companies which google has acquired. Leading the list  Motorola mobility which is acquired for $125 billion USD . Post Motorola Google acquired  smart thermostat creator Nest Labs  in January 2014 at 3.2 billion U.S. dollars. Number 3 was double click purchased at 3.1million USD in 2008. Youtube is number 4 with 1.6billion USD.

May 8, 2015

ultramobile and tablets driving 300 million device shipments in india this year

"device shipments in india to exceed 300million "

"mobile and smartphones marketshare in india"

*Note: The Ultramobile (Premium) category includes devices such as Microsoft's Windows 8 Intel x86 products and Apple's MacBook Air. The Ultramobile (Tablets and Clamshells) category includes devices such as, iPad, iPad Mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5, Nexus 7 and Acer Iconia Tab 8, HP Pavilion 11, Lenovo Yoga 2 11 and Dell Inspiron 13.

The combined shipments of devices (PCs, tablets, ultramobiles and mobile phones) in India are forecast to total 300 million units in 2015, an increase o

f 4.5 percent over 2014, according to Gartner, “The traditional PC market will grow by 2 percent, with a 9 percent increase in the notebook market in 2015,”

Mobile continues its growth, and  are projected to grow 5 percent in 2015 (see Table ). Lower pricepoints  of smartphones and tablets with their increasing  penetration led by  better functionalities  have led  its high growth segment in the Indian mobile phone market. Global vendors, such as Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Nokia, along with local players like Micromax, Karbon, Spice, and Lava are doing well in the smartphone segment.

June 30, 2014

"Motorola Germany "Moto X and Moto G carring Android 5.0 L update turns out to fake

Mobile OS Android L
This chart from Techbuffolo shows the Fragmentation in Android Devices
A recent post on Android L being integrated on Moto X and Moto G Android 5.0 L update was confirmed by many technology sites

It said  "Although Google did not spill any important details about which handset will be carrying the Android L during its I/O keynote on Wednesday, 
Neither did it the name  new mobile operating system is, or its version number – and which handsets would be carrying the Android L"

The earlier post had claimed It said that   the android L would be available at Moto X and G

  • Motorola Germany confirmed on Facebook that the Moto X and Moto G will both receive the Android L update later this year, referring to the update as Android 5.0. “Android 5.0 arrives in autumn on Moto X and Moto G,” Motorola Germany wrote
However it seems that this news was fake Android Authority posted this last weekend

As it turns out, Motorola has yet to formally speak up about its plans for Android L, and the Facebook account for “Motorola Germany” has been outed as a fake.
 Here’s a statement from the real Motorola: 
  • "Unfortunately, we have found that a Facebook profile under the name Motorola Germany with the following URL was created. We would like to point out that this is not an official Motorola site and expressly distance ourselves from said content. All relevant information about Motorola can be found only here on this pag

January 30, 2014

Why Google Re Sold Motorola at a $7billion Loss to Lenevo

By selling Motorola, Google is shifting to what it does best  and  is an acknowledgment that Google is better off focusing on its core competencies — making software and selling ads — particularly as the profit margins for phones are shrinking all across the world

Its the end of the  Google's Tryst with  Motorola Mobility".Motorola has just been jettisoned and dumped  by Google, which  the Search Giant acquired 2  years ago for a record  $12.6 billion .

Motorola's  new parent will be Lenevo ,who paid $ 2.9 billion   to Google  for  buying off the earstwhile Mobile Giant . So  does  that mean  that   Google  failed to  integrate  Motorala's patents and its hardware Legacy  ecosystem? Does this also signal the  end of " Google's Mobile  Web Initiatives to take over the " Mobile OS/.HS  specially the hardware ( operating system  and Hardware)

However Industry experts  remain baffled about Google selling Motorola phone business to Lenovo for $2.9 billion -  "Google is selling Motorola's smartphone business to Lenovo for $2.9 billion, a price that makes Google's biggest acquisition look like its most expensive mistake  according to  a tech journal

The sell off allows " Google " clear the financial mess  headache that has plagued the internet company since buying Motorola Mobility for $12.4 billion in 2012.However Google is also keeping most of the patents that came with the Motorola purchase.

In the "Meantime "Motorola has lost nearly $2 billion since Google took over, while trimming its workforce from 20,000 to 3,800. Google had previously sold company's set-top operations last year to Arris Group Inc. for $2.35 billion. Google is also keeping most of the patents that came with the Motorola purchase.

August 1, 2013

Coming Soon :Google Powered first Motorola "Moto X Phone"

Google came up with their  first Mobile Phone  post Motorola acquisition  with a Moto X mobile phone which is among their first few p  flagship Moto X phone  from the:Motorola stable 

The first Google Powered Motorola Moto X smartphone, which will be customizable with different colors for AT&T customers and marks the cellphone maker's first flagship device since Google Inc bought the company in 2011

The Moto X will go on sale in the United States at the end of August,2013 or the beginning of September for a suggested retail price of $199.99 to customers who sign a two-year contract at five of the biggest U.S. mobile network operators.

Google which acquired the Mobile Giant Motorola in 2012 has already  spent $12.5 billion to acquire Motorola is now under increasing  pressure  from investors and consumers  alike to  start showing results and revenue from the acquisition of Motorola

Meanwhile AT/Twill have exclusive rights to let its customers customize the phone from a selection of 18 colors for the back, two colors for the front and seven accent colors for an undisclosed time period.

In order to promise delivery of customized phones within four days, Motorola had contract manufacturing partner Flextronics International Ltd build a factory in the United State

According to The Wall Street Journal, Motorola has the go-ahead from Google to spend five million  to promote the new handset both in the U.S and Europe. Sources say that it will also be priced competitively to current high-end handsets -- $199 on-contract and $599 off-contract -- and will make its way to all four major carriers this Fall.

March 22, 2013

Smartphones Research and Development less that Patent War Costs

If you manage to count the number of patent and lawsuits the Tech industry is fighting amongst themselves, probably you might continue to count them.. forever

Apple vs Samsung vs HTC vs RIM vs Microsoft : Its a battle that never shows sounds of ending , no mater how much money goes down fighting these battles.

Why does this happen, what are the kind of odds that one company might win and control 80% of the entire patent the tech industry has ... The chances are well 50: 50.Indeed, according to this Time magazine article, Apple and Google spent more money on patent litigation than research and development last year.

It is no surprise to anyone that Apple and are rivals. The duo have been involved in lawsuits in many different countries worldwide. Although the majority of courts have sided with Apple, the war is far from over. So who is copying whom?

RPX estimates that there are 250,000 active U.S. patents applicable to the smartphone. Assuming an average of 20 claims each, that is 5,000,000 restrictions on smartphone innovation.( RPX : stands for Reduce Patient Litigation costs)

Not surprisingly Smart phone patents account for 16 percent of active patents in the U.S, using RPX estimates.

September 14, 2012

Top 5 Tech Companies with highest Advertising Spends

Microsoft spent more on advertising in the U.S than any other tech company last year, according to AdAge's data. Surprisingly, the second biggest ad spender was Google thanks to the fact that it now owns Motorola.Microsoft and Google both spent just over $1 billion on ads. Amazon spent $773 million, and Apple spent $632 million.

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August 19, 2012

Google Tirade Against Apple reaching absurd levels

The commission had ruled that Apple had indeed infringed one of those patents, and reserved its final decision until August 24. If the commission rules in favour of Motorola, the iPhone could face an import ban as early as next week.

Google's Motorola Mobility subsidiary is trying to have the International Trade Commission ban Apple from importing iPhones, iPads, and other computers into the U.S., Bloomberg reports.
The smartphone manufacturer filed a complaint with the ITC over claims that Apple infringed on its patents. It's the second complaint Motorola has filed.
Motorola, even before it was owned by Google, was fighting with Apple over claims that its hardware infringed on Motorola's patents.A decision on Motorola's first complaint is expected to come next Friday, August 24.

As per a report in Bloomberg, Motorola Mobility claims Apple's products infringe seven of its patents on features including location reminders, e-mail notification and phone/ video players.
Motorola has filed a complaint at the United States International Trade Commission seeking a ban on US imports of devices including the iPhone, iPad and Apple computers. Since Apple products are made in China, US sales are technically imports from China. 
Even if Motorola won an import ban next week, it would not affect the iPhone 4S and the new iPad 4G, nor the widely-anticipated iPhone 5".(source : Florian Mueller)

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August 13, 2012

Google Motorola Honeymoon comes to an End, as 4000 employees face Axe

For Google and Motorola Mobility , the good times are over and its now time to do Business. So here comes the shocker . Motorola will shrink its operations worldwide  and lay off 4,000 employees worldwide as part of its restructuring efforts.  This was confirmed by  Motorola's new chief executive Dennis Woodside said in an interview to the New York Times. 

Loss-making Motorola Mobility, was acquired by Google early last year as part of the internet major's strategy to bolster its capabilities in the Android platform - one of the widely-used mobile technologies.

As on June 30 this year, Google has 54,604 full-time employees worldwide in June 30th  which that includes 20,293 at the Motorola Mobility business Unit

 Approx one-third of 4,000 job loss would be in the US and the company plans to leave unprofitable markets, stop making low-end devices and focus on a few cellphones instead of dozens.

In addition to the coming cuts, Google has downsized Motorola management, letting go 40 per cent of its vice-presidents, but has also hired new senior executives, the report said.

November 3, 2011

Xoom 2 Tablet Launched By Motorola

Motorola has revealed two new Xoom tablets: the 8.2-inch Xoom 2 Media Edition and the 10.1-inch standard Xoom 2.

Motorola officially revealed its two new tablets. The only issue: they are currently only bound for the UK. Both new Xooms feature Android 3.2 (Honeycomb), a 1280×800 display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, a 5MP rear camera, a 1.3MP front camera, gorilla glass screens with a splashguard,

Motorola is also launching the Xoom 2 Media Edition, which has an 8.2-inch display. Its other specs are identical to the Xoom 2, except for battery life, which clocks in at more than six hours. The tablets feature Android 3.2, a Honeycomb variant.
However, unlike it, the XOOM 2 Media Edition weighs in at 386 grams and is a hair under 9mm thin. Naturally, the battery is smaller, due to the size of the tablet, and is good for 6 hours of web browsing and about half a week of music playback, Motorola claims.

Xoom2 Specifications

Specs Source : GSmarena

August 16, 2011

Google and Motorola Deal : Who Really Won

Who are the winners  in the Motorola and Google Deal. In a deal of such disruptive proportions there will be some Winners and some losers. Businessinsider posted a detailed article which takes a look at the Winners in This Acquisition

Sanjay Jha took over Motorola's mobile operations and chose to go all-in with Android.The bet has paid off. Jha stands to make $90 million personally on this deal

Google just paid $12.5 billion for a patent portfolio. Sound like a good deal? Not really. But it also gets a handset maker. So that makes it a good deal, right?
Well, this is a low margin business with 19,000 employees and factories around the world. Not exactly the same thing as search and advertising. Is this what Google wants to do

Another winner has been Carl Icah has been involved with Motorola since 2006, fighting with the company's board, trying to get something out of it all. Well, it finally paid off. He's getting $415 million on this one.

Ben Bajarin, who is Director of Consumer Technology Analysis and Research at Creative Strategies, Inc, laid out why Google should buy Motorola on August 2. All of his reasons were spot on.

Nokia's stock is up  with industry sources familiar with the Tech Industry workings, that people think Microsoft will buy Nokia's stock popped in reaction to the news. Microsoft will  be enticed to buy Nokia as a reactionary move,as this will strengthen their product line.Of course Microsoft could buy it as a defensive move.

Apple has a tougher time suing Android, but its rival just made a big risky move
.Apple comes out of this transaction in decent shape. You could argue that it will have a hard fight on its hands in the long run as Motorola works on more Android devices. However, we don't believe Google or Motorola have built any exceptional devices and nothing's going to change that.According to BusinessInsider "We're calling Apple a winner because it forced Google to take this risky $12.5 billion bet on something which it has yet to  develop a core competency ( specially in production)"