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March 29, 2011

What MySpace Dwindling Traffic Numbers Means

Monthly traffic stats don’t necessarily show the overall direction of web companies, but we’re seeing a pattern when it comes to Facebook and its most serious competitors, MySpace and Twitter.

Certainly, new efforts by the latter two sites could change things in the coming months — like MySpace’s music features, or Twitter’s new lists and retweet features. For October, though, the big three data firms, Compete, comScore and Quantcast, are all in agreement, and the pattern is the same one we’ve seen in recent months. The pattern shows very consistently that traffic to MySpace has been declining.

Very clearly Myspace has a lot to do to arrest its declining traffic. When users stop coming to your site it generally means  many things, however the most of the  two important  things often mean ... your competitors have done something  which is taking users to them , or you have screwed up your site.. in a big away .. and if this trend is happening for a long time , for big companies  it generally again mean two things , you sell out . or you shut down ... No guesses for what Myspace is going to do ..