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April 3, 2011

iPad and iPhone Users Consumption Habbits

Chart: iPad and iPhone

This chart was generated using iCharts, a web-based solution for online data visualization. iCharts are interactive charts that can be created from complex data sets or from ad-hoc data sets. iCharts charts can also be connected to a remote data source via an API. View Information Content 1. Data Values: Hover over the chart and the data values will pop-up. 2. Comments: Float your cursor over the elements of the chart to view more detailed information about the data or to review comments, if any. 3. Show/Hide Data Series: In the case of multiple data series, you can control which data to include by selecting or deselecting the information of your choice. 4. Data Span: You can move the slider on the bottom of the chart to display additional data points or zoom in and out to see various time spans. 5. Hyperlinks: Logos, images and specific text elements in the chart can be hyperlinked. The hyperlink is displayed when you hover the cursor over the text. Make it Your Own 1. Save: Save the chart as a static image in various formats 2. Print: Print the chart as an individual image. Share the Chart: You can embed the chart to any website simply by clicking on the embed link at the bottom. You will be prompted to copy the embed code. Click on Copy and then close the embed window. Now you can paste the embed code on any website, blog or wiki where you want the chart to be displayed.
iPad and iPhone
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Nielsen recently did a survey about people’s expected buying habits on smartphones. When someone already owns an iPad and an iPhone, they’re 91% likely to buy another iPhone.iPad owners are 51% likely to buy an iPhone (if they’ve never previously owned one.) And 85% of iPhone owners will make sure their next smartphone is an iPhone as well. That’s a leading statistic, showing great repeat customer buying habits.

source :icharts