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March 25, 2011

US Smartphone Adoption By Race and Ethnicity

As of December 2010, nearly a third (31%) of all mobile consumers in the United States owned smartphones, cellphones with app-based, web-enabled operating systems. But smartphone penetration is even higher among mobile users who are part of ethnic and racial minorities in the U.S. – namely Asian/Pacific Islanders (45%), Hispanics (45%) and African-Americans (33%), populations that also tend to skew younger. Meanwhile, only 27 percent of White mobile users reported owning a smartphone

Although only 42 percent of Whites who purchased a mobile phone in the past six months chose a smartphone over a feature phone, 60 percent of Asians/Pacific Islanders, 56 percent of Hispanics, and 44 of African Americans who recently bought cellphones chose smartphones

(source : Nielsen .)

March 28, 2008

Google leads with 58% Marketshare in Feb 08:Nielsen Reports

Google continues to leave its competitors far behind in the month of February,2008 with Google's commanding an impressive share of search for February 2008 with 58% followed by Yahoo and MSN with 17% and 11% respectively.

On average, Google users made more than 40 searches each during the month. Closest to Google was Yahoo with 1.36 billion searches (17% share). Each user made an average of 25 searches during the month. Microsoft ranked third with 860 million searches (11% share) with each user making 28 searches during the month.

Meanwhile, according to a comScore report, Google sites ranked number one for traffic during the month with 29 million unique users. Microsoft was next with 27 million uniques and Ebay ranked third with 21 million unique users.

Dowload the Nielsen media PDF report here