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December 1, 2012

93% of Online Retail Websites Not Optimized for Tablet Viewing

Digital Impact of Tablet Visitors on Retail Websites (Adobe Digital Marketing Insights) 

A new study has claimed that just 7% of retailer websites have been optimized to run on tablets.
This finding comes from eCommerce tool vendor Skava, which on surveying a plethora of the top retail websites in the U.S., discovered that most retail companies wrongly assume their desktop websites will render sufficiently well on tabletsIn contrast to the tablet, the study pinpointed that 95% of retail eCommerce websites are optimized for smartphones

October 20, 2011

Europe Online Sales To grow by 13% in 2011

European online retail sales grew by 18% from 2009 to 2010 and are expected to grow 13% in 2011. In the coming five years, the number of online buyers in Europe will grow from 157 million to 205 million. Online retail growth comes at the expense of other channels in the most digitally mature Northern European markets: 

The UK will see the Web capturing 10% of all retail transactions already in 2012. Though 
online retail is more developed and more highly penetrated in Northern European countries, it continues to grow but steadily in the south. Consumers continue to embrace the online channel as an adjunct to other channels as they identify and decide upon the products they wish to buy, creating an increasingly multichannel retail environment in Europe
UK is expected to lead  with a  14.0% increase in online sales to reach £50.3 billion (59.4 billion). This means that the UK will be the first European country with online sales of more than 12.0% (against 10.7%) INn 2010. Last year online  UK sales  had increased by  10.7%.
For Europe (including UK), the total market was worth £145,600 million in 2010 (up from £102,900 million in 2008). Online retailers in only three countries, UK, Germany and France accounted for 71% of European online sales.

In Western Europe, Forrester projects online retail sales will rise 13.10% this year over 2010, to 91.90 billion ($125.57 billion) from 81.25 billion ($111.02 billion).

As in the United States, Forrester projects the annual rate of increase will decline slightly in each of the next several years, with online retail sales in 2015 rising 7.84% over 2014, to 133.64 billion euros (US$182.53 billion) from 123.92 billion euros (US$169.31 billion). The projected compound annual growth rate for Europe over 2010-2015 is 12.47%.

February 5, 2011