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July 7, 2015

5 tips to a running A/B email marketing conversion testing :

" running a  display advertising A/B testing "
5 tips to running an successful  A/B test email marketing  Conversion : Things to keep  in mind

April 29, 2014

Local Media Ad revenues to touch$158.6 billion in 2018, Digital to rise 33%

In its newly released U.S. Local Media Forecast (2013-2018), BIA/Kelsey forecasts local media advertising revenues to climb from $133.2 billion in 2013 to $158.6 billion in 2018, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6 percent. 

Digital ad  revenues from local advertising

Digital media continues to increase its share of total local media revenues, growing from $31.7 billion (23 percent) in 2014 to $52.7 billion (33.2 percent) in 2018. The forecast reports that revenue from traditional media, in aggregate, to slightly increase from $105.3 billion in 2013 to $105.9 billion in 2018 (CAGR: 0.1 percent). .

May 1, 2013

Brands Spends 70% of Ad Dollars on Search and Online Display, Mobile spends increase 100%

Online Advertising Forrmats :Search, Display and Mobile  among top 3

Search Marketing remains the leading format, having strong sequential growth through this period

All formats other than Digital Video are down slightly as a percentage of total revenue due to the substantial growth of Mobile. 

Mobile revenues showed the strongest growth of any format, representing 9% of total revenues in 2012compared to 5% reported in 2011 and a negligible share as recently as 2009.

September 20, 2012

Google Topples Facebook as the No 1 Display Advertising Revenues

Google has toppled Facebook as the top earner of revenue from online display advertising - just a year after the social media giant deprived it of pole position. Research from e eMarketer reveals that Google 15.4 per cent of the market., while Facebook is still snapping at Google's heels, with just one percentage point less of revenue than its rival.

From facebook vs google

Google’s  display revenues in 2012  is expected to grow  almost 39%, to $2.31 billion, while Facebook’s will rise 24% to $1.73 billion and Yahoo‘s revenues barely budge to hit $1.39 billion. Overall, display ad revenues will rise almost 22% this year, to about $15 billion. ( source : eMarketer)

Google's dominance, says eMarketer, shows just how strong its advertising network is, especially on its mobile and video platforms.In Feb 2012 EMarketer said it expects Google Inc. to rake in $2.31 billion of revenue from online display ads. 

 Facebook Inc. will hold 14.4 percent of the market this year with $2.16 billion in U.S. revenue.. YouTube is just beginning to reap the spoils of its online video dominance. The report goes on to predict that by 2014 the two firms will have a hefty 37 per cent of the market between them.

August 9, 2012

Most Popular Online Display Advertising Formats

According to the latest research report on Display ad(  DFP ad serving platform) by Google and Double Click show that  the top three ad formats—the medium rectangle, leaderboard and skyscraper—comprise nearly 80% of all served ad impressions. However, the remainder of impressions span a wide variety of uncommon sizes. There were over one thousand different ad sizes trafficked— yet only 300 unique sizes posted more than 1 million impressions during 2011.
The growth in non-standard ad sizes is notable, and it has mostly been at the expense of traditional ad sizes like the 468 x 60 banner and 120 x 600 skyscraper. Of interest is the growth of larger “premium” formats, which offer advertisers a richer visual canvas for their creatives. You can download the complete report on Online advertising Trends and comparison reports here