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November 21, 2015

US Retail industry layoffs:Chart of the day

Layoffs in the US Retail Industry reached its highest durin 2008-2009 economic crises

US ecommerce sales to exceed $90billion by 2016

"US online retail grows over 100% in last 5 years"
US Online  Retail  sales is headed to reach $90billion by 2016. Th last 5 years ecommerce sales in US has grown by over 100%

November 8, 2015

top 5 US States that are home to the 10 fastest growing companies

10 companies that are growing fastest across the US States

Inc. Magazine has been releasing the Inc. 5000, a list of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America since 1982.This years Inc 5000 ranked the states of Utah, Colorado, Virginia and Massachusetts as the top 3 consistent top performers on the 2015 Inc. 5000 list. The calculation us based on a basic three-year growth rate based on annual revenues. Brands like Toys "R" Us, 7 Eleven and Pandora have each been featured on the list since its inception in 1982.

Target to close 13 stores in US, just after closing down all 133 stores in canada

Target is ranked No. 16 in the Internet Retailer top 500 Ranking 

The second-largest discount retailer in the United States Target  is set to close down 13 of its stores across the US  due to the locations' poor performance. Eligible employees will be given the  option to move out or be transferred  to another location according to a company spokesperson .

Target had earlier laid off about 2,000 professional employees in a series of workforce reductions. Last January, the company also closed all 133 of its stores in Canada after failing to make enough revenue there.Currently Target as 1,799 U.S. stores.This is in contrast to one of its competitor Amazon which has announced that it will hire an additional 100,000 workers for the holiday season.Meanwhile the upcoming holiday season Target has started to offer customers free shipping during this years( see after the jump or click  below)

Target's Average U.S. Revenue per Square Foot has increased steadily from $280 in 2009 to $303 in 2014.

In time for the Holiday season Target Corp. is offering free shipping and returns on all online orders from Nov. 1 through Christmas Day.  This is the second straight holiday season that Target has offered free shipping on all online orders, though last year the promotion was offered only through Dec. 20. This is also the second time in recent months that Target has offered free shipping on all online orders to entice shoppers.

October 7, 2015

the best 3 case studies in retail industry

July 27, 2015

Interesting 10 facts on Barnes and Nobles you hardly knew

"top 10 facts on barnes and nobles"

marketshare of Barnes and Noble"

  •  Barnes & Noble originated in 1886 with a bookstore called Arthur Hinds & Company,
  • Number of Barnes and Nobles stores in 2014 : 661  . 
  • The Company  employs around   34,000 full and part time employees as of May 3, 2014.  
  •  Barnes & Noble stores range in size from 3,000 to 60,000 square feet  size, with an overall average store size of 26,000 square feet .
  •          source : barnes and nobles annual report : 2011-2014

    follow the brand :10 "Best Buy" facts you wouldn't have known

    :Follow the Brand :top 10 best buy facts you wouldn't have known

    15 statistics of Best Buy which you would not have known

    1. Global operating income of Bestbuy $1,450 million
    2. Annual Revenue of Bestbuy in the U.S. $36,055 million
    3. Operating income of Bestbuy in the US $1,437 million
    4. Total number of Bestbuy stores worldwide 1,731
    5. Number of people who shooped at its storeswithin the last 3 months in the U.S. 60.9 million
    6. The Revenue per employee : $322,712
    7. The average income per employee $9,968
    8. Founded by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak in 1966 as an audio store
    9.  In 1983, it was renamed and rebranded with more emphasis placed on consumer electronics
    10. Best Buy's web sales grew more than US online sales average growth in 2014 
    11. Online sales for the site grew by 17% in in 2015 Q1
    12. 49% % of US household  upto income of  $75,000 shopped at Best Buy in the last 6 months
    13. Global revenue of Best Buy Data (in million US dollars)
    14. The number of  Best Buy  stores  surpassed 600 in US as it opened its first store in Shanghai , China in 2003
    15. Best Buy has  1,056 Best Buy and 409 Best Buy Mobile stand-alone stores in the US( 2013)

    data : : BestBuy, Research Institute: Research data as of June,2015

    July 24, 2015

    spending on back to school down by 6% , lowest since 2011

    " back to school spending crashes by 6%"

    Families with children in grades K-12 will spend an average of $630 this back-to-school (BTS) and the top 3 items on which  Families will spend the most would be 
    1) apparel and clothes 
    2)school and stationery  supplies 
    3)electronics and gadgets
    spending on back to school is down by about 6% from last year and the lowest average since 2011, according to the NRF 
    Total BTS spending is expected to be slightly less than $25 billion, representing a decline of roughly 6% from last year’s estimated $26.5 billion.

    July 22, 2015

    industries spending the highest on google advertising program "adwords"

    "industries spending  the highest on google advertising program "adwords"

    The above charts shows the industries that spends the highest on google's advertising program.

    Google 's 2014  revenue from its advertising  program" adwords"   was  almost $56 billion, which was a 12% growth as compared to 2013 in which search giant raked up  $billion from its adwords and display ads program including local search

    The break up of  industry verticals which topped spends on Google ads

    1. Financial products  :$2  billion
    2. Insurance products $2 billion
    3. Online Retail :      $2;8 billion
    4. Travel and Tourism: $2.4billion
    5. jobs and education: $2.2 billion
    6. Home and Gardening products: $2.1billion
    7. Consumer electronics   $2 billion
    8. automotive and Vehicle  :$2 billion
    9. Internet and Telecom: $1.7 billion
    10. Business and Industrial :$1.6 billion 

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    July 9, 2015

    UK users are worlds highest spenders on online retail : 5 products they shop online

    britain  and denmark lead in online shopping and what they shop for"

    Users Britain and Denmark rank among the top 2 nations with highest frequency of online shopping a
    75% of UK users shop online and over 52% used online banking in 2014.A whopping 53% UK adults bank online, compared to a mere 30% in 2007.The number of UK users with internet access doubled to 38million in 2014

     What does UK Shop for and  who buys
    1. every 6 of 10 British adults use the internet to buy products such as food, clothing, music or holidays, clothes and sports are most online purchases in UK
    2.  This is twice the average of the OECD’s 34 member states, which include the US, Germany, Australia and France. 
    3. Most bought items in UK apart from clothes  and holidays are consumer electronics ,gaming items  and  household appliances
    4. Seniors shopping online has seen a big jump recently with 40% of them buying online in 2014 
    5. Usage of laptops and tablets has also seen a growth  uptake, in UK from 32 % adults using one in 2013 to 43% according to the ONS

    July 5, 2015

    July 4, 2015

    which connected devices see the highest retail sales conversion

    "Research to Purchase behavior by device "
     Smartphones, Tablets, or Laptops// which device  has the largest conversion when it comes to retail products.  The most interesting this here is , The device where users start their research on incidently comes  the  last point of contact  before the purchase ( apart from the ones thar are purchases in store)

    72% started on Smartphone and 23% purchased on Smartphone, and 20% on Tablets
    58% started their research on Tablets and 34% purchased on Tablets

    For Laptops originated research.. the last transaction before purchase was  majorly done across laptop

    June 23, 2015

    Britain's consumers engagement across devices

    " UK smartphone +tablets overtake desktop in the amount of time spent"

     UK users spend more time on  smartphones and tablets  as compared to desktops . In terms of  time spent on devices desktop forms  44% of the time spent, smartphones 21% and tablets form 15%  

    June 22, 2015

    Comparison of Online Retail Spending in US : 2012 to 2013

    "US online retail spendiding data : 2012 onwards"

    The chart from Comscore shows,US online retail spends  compared from 2012  onwards. In Q42014 Online Retail spending in US reached the highest ever with revenues touching almost $90billion. . Before this the  highest digital spending revenue in US was in Q4, 2013 with spends on $71.4billion

    June 12, 2015

    These Industries have spent 35% of their digital budgets in adwords

      the most expensive  keywords spends on google adwords"

    The Top AdWords Spenders By Industry

    According to AdventurePPC, the top spending industries when it comes to AdWords in 2014 are:
    1. Finance and Insurance ($4.0 Billion)
    2. Retailers and General Merchandise ($2.8 Billion)
    3. Travel and Tourism ($2.4 Billion)
    4. Jobs and Education ($2.2 Billion)
    5. Home and Garden ($2.1 Billion)
    6. Vehicles ($2.0 Billion)
    7. Computers and Consumer Electronics ($2.0 Billion)
    8. Internet and Telecom ($1.7 Billion)
    9. Business and Industrial ($1.6 Billion)
    10. Occasions and Gifts ($1.2 Billion)

    June 11, 2015

    united shoppers of china : 5 facts on Chinese e-shopping addiction

    " the 5  statistics  of Chinese  online retail  shopping"

    It would not be perhaps an exaggeration to say that " The revolution in Chinese online shopping" has been greater than"Mao's own people Revolution.The takeover of Chinese in the online shopping vertical has been so brutal,clinical  and  yet so one sided ..that even if you consider g8 countries as a nation, it would not be able to match the volumes nor revenues from Chinese online shopping .

    Consider  these 5 facts on Chinese Online Shopping addiction 

    1. 16% of the digital products are sold online, compared to only 1% 5 years ago. Alibaba reported that customers on its retail sites spent $2 billion in the first hour of Singles Day in 2014 ( 11th nov is Singles day in China  (  like  Valentinesday)
    2.  Within 18 hours of Alibaba raked in $9.3 billion in online sales, four times the amount spent online during Cyber Monday in the U.S. (HuffingtonPost )
    3.  A recent research by Tmall  reveals that consumer electronics purchase  in China   has more or less gone online .During the last 2 years a) 16%  was purchase  in the store. b) 29%  had/ and will  buy from the retailers’ online shops •c)45% will buy/had bough from other online shops.
    4. An example to show how the above data was true  was that within 12 hours of singles day last year,Xiaomi had sold 720,000 phones and topped $163 million in sales.
    5. Chinese ecommerce market is set to reach $420billion  or $4.2trillion by 2020. 65% of chinese ecommerce sales comes from 266 chinese cities( McKinsey Chinese Etail revolution)